Diet on melon - the most effective options

At the end of summer the long-awaited melon fruits please us every day. This is the most successful time to do your figure, because what can be more delicious than a diet on a melon. The fragrant, sweet yellow flesh, which forms the basis of the diet, will not only save you from extra pounds and inches at the waist, but also saturate the body with vitamins, charge positive energy and give a great mood.

Benefits of melon when losing weight

To lose a few extra pounds without damaging the health, the diet should be the most balanced and effective in fighting fat. Does the melon diet respond to all these requirements and is the melon useful when losing weight? To answer these questions, you need to know all the qualities of this fruit.

  1. Melon takes an active part in the cleavage of cholesterol and low-fat fats with their subsequent removal from the body, which most beneficially affects the state of the vessels.
  2. Not in vain melon is often used in the preparation of dessert, because its pulp stimulates digestion and helps to process fatty and heavy food.
  3. Melon helps to lose weight also due to its diuretic effect, which helps to cope with swelling, remove excess fluid from the body and in parallel with this have a curative effect on the genitourinary system.
  4. Among the beneficial qualities of the melon is a light laxative effect.
  5. In addition, the melon rejuvenates, gives strength, improves tone and stimulates the production of new blood cells.
  6. Melon has a rich vitamin-mineral composition, which is so important in dietary nutrition .

Diet from melon for weight loss

To really lose weight with the help of melon and achieve the desired result, you should follow some diet conditions:

  1. Use for food should only quality and ripe melon, so the choice of the fruit should be approached responsibly.
  2. Ripe melon fruits can contain up to 7.5% of sugars, which makes this delicious slimming system inaccessible to diabetics.
  3. Diet on melon prescribes to consume this sweet vegetable as a separate meal, or half an hour after a meal, without combining it with other products of the diet menu.
  4. It is not necessary to eat a melon after 20.00 and to tighten the melon diet for longer than a week.

Melon diet for weight loss - menu

Monodiet, which featured a melon, helps to lose weight to 3.5 kg in 3 days. The result is quite worthy. The menu of such a diet is the simplest:

  1. For a day in total, you need to eat about 1.5 kg of melon pulp.
  2. The number of meals per day must be at least five.
  3. These days it is allowed to drink water without gas, freshly brewed green tea and infusion of hips of wild rose.

Such weight loss on a melon is calculated no more than for three days. However, those who want to get rid of even more weight, it is recommended to continue from the fourth day to adhere to the dietary diet for one week, but already more sparing content. For example, an excellent option - a diet on melon and watermelon.

Watermelon and melon diet for weight loss

A lot of positive reviews deserve a watermelon and melon diet, which, if observed, can lose up to 6 kg in seven days. The effect of this diet is more associated with the diuretic effect of the main products, so to avoid dehydration you need to observe the water regime. Approximate menu for the day melon-watermelon diet:

  1. Breakfast : curd fat-free with sugar substitute 50-70 g, bread (2 pcs.) And 200 g melon pulp or watermelon, or 100 g of each fruit.
  2. Snack : steamed fish (150 g), melon pulp salad (100 g), low-fat cheese (50 g), salad leaves (100 g) and classic yoghurt 0% and 1 tbsp. lemon juice. A cup of green tea .
  3. Lunch : 300 g of watermelon flesh.
  4. Snack : 300 g melon.
  5. Dinner : fresh salad of tomatoes and cucumbers (150 g), brown rice steamed (120 g), melon pulp (200 g).

Diet on melon and yogurt

Cleaning of the intestine is required to be done regularly. Just for such purposes, seven-day kefir unloading rations were developed. And melon during the diet of such a plan will be the ideal company for the main dietary fermented milk product. This unloading diet allows you to get rid of 5 extra pounds. This diet is very easy to transfer, and the body receives tremendous benefits from such a daily weekly diet:

  1. Breakfast : 400 g melon pulp.
  2. Snack : 1 cup low-fat kefir. You can add greens at will or sugar substitute to the taste.
  3. Lunch : salt-free buckwheat (200 g), a cup of green tea and 400 g melon.
  4. Snack : green tea with bread and liver pate .
  5. Dinner : Boiled or baked chicken breast (200 g), vegetable salad (1 portion), green tea (1 cup).

Smoothies of melon for weight loss

You can lose weight on a melon and with the help of delicious smoothies, which are convenient to take with you as a snack. Preparing such a hearty drink is very simple.



  1. All components of smoothies should be cold, so before preparing the drink they need to be cleaned in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.
  2. From lemon and lime squeeze the juice, combine it in a bowl of blender with small cubes of melted pulp.
  3. We send mint leaves, washed and dried, into the container and whisk all the ingredients for 1 minute at maximum speed.
  4. Ready smoothies are poured into a glass or a bottle, if desired, we add ice cubes to the drink, and we are charged with the positive energy of the fruit for the rest of the day.

Melon Diet - Results

Melon and weight loss are concepts that harmoniously complement each other. Diet on the melon the result is simply stunning. If you strictly adhere to the prescriptions of the diet and menu, the result will be noticeable within a day. The arrow of the scales to rush down, your well-being and energy recovery will be on top, and most importantly, there will be no hunger and depression that accompany many diets.