Darsonval for the face - all the secrets of the procedure and the best apparatus for darsonvalization

Darsonval for the face is a device for physiotherapeutic procedures invented in the 18th century by the physiologist from France Arsene Darsonval. His main purpose at first was the treatment of various diseases (migraines, arthritis, neuralgia), and eventually he firmly entered the arsenal of cosmetologists.

Darsonvalization of the face - what is it?

The principle of the "Darsonval" device is the effect on the skin of currents of high frequency. Weak stress stimulates regenerative and metabolic processes occurring in the skin and deeper tissues due to increased blood flow. In addition, electrical discharges destroy pathogens and contribute to saturation with oxygen and the removal of excess fluid, so that the skin acquires a good tone and color. Darsonvalization of the face gives a noticeable and long-lasting effect on acne, post-acne, wrinkles, greasiness or dryness of the skin and other defects.

In cosmetology, two main types of darsonvalization are used, differing in the way they affect and the effect:

  1. Non-contact darsonvalization - exposure to the skin is carried out at a small distance from the face (1-8 mm). With such manipulations between the attachment of the device and the skin of the face, a pillow of microcurrents is formed, ions are released, and sometimes even a spark that the patient feels tingling. In this way, weeping wounds, purulent elements (acne, boils), difficult to heal wounds, deprive, burn, hematomas. The course of treatment with a non-contact method is 10-15 sessions.
  2. Contact darsonvalization - the effect is made by circular movements on the massage lines directly to the skin. With this method, discharges penetrate the lower layers of the dermis and contribute to the elimination of acne, dilated pores, vascular network, wrinkles and stretch marks. The course of treatment in this way is 15-20 procedures.

The four main nozzles for darsonval, which are present in almost all sets, are designed for different effects:

  1. "Drop" allows you to influence the local small inflammations - acne, acne, the current with this nozzle is the highest.
  2. "Petal" - with this nozzle you can independently adjust the area of ​​influence - from a point to a larger area, the nozzle is designed for hard-to-reach places.
  3. "Fungus" - is designed for procedures in large areas of the skin, with this attachment you can do not only darsonval for the face, but also massage the thighs, buttocks to get rid of cellulite.
  4. "Comb" - this nozzle is intended for the scalp, it is used to treat hair loss, seborrhea.

Darsonvalization - indications and contraindications

Before you begin treatment with darsonval, you need to know about the indications and contraindications to the procedure. Although the current in the device is very weak (2-15 kV, frequency - 100 KHz), it is still an electrical discharge, which can be dangerous in some cases. For this reason, cosmetologists recommend that before the first procedure to undergo an examination and get a specialist consultation. In addition, beauticians do not recommend the use of darsonval for the face constantly or haphazardly - a good effect gives only a course application.

Darsonval - testimony

The darsonval device is a finding for women who for some reason do not want to resort to plastic or inject. The range of problems that helps to solve the apparatus for darsonvalization is very wide. Electric discharges improve the circulation of blood and lymph, promote the rapid elimination of toxins, relieve muscle and vascular spasms, increase the tone of veins, strengthen the walls of capillaries and vessels, activate biochemical reactions, restore cells. Additionally darsonval for the face has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and analgesic effect.

What helps darsonval:

Darsonval - contraindications

Despite the many positive effects, the use of darsonval for the face has contraindications. In some cases, the prohibition of use is due to the fact that electric current for a person is dangerous, in others contraindications are due to the fact that stimulation can aggravate some pathogenic processes. Conditional contraindication is the presence of moles and pigmentation on the skin - in this case, a consultation of a dermatologist is required.

Darsonvalization - contraindications for use:

Darsonval - which is better?

You can carry out darsonvalization in the beauty salon or in the salon, as well as in the home, the more detailed instructions are always attached to the device. You can buy the device "Darsonval" in online stores or salons that sell medical equipment, but before deciding to buy it is desirable to undergo a trial procedure in the cabin.

Well-proven devices such manufacturers:

Darsonval - application

The procedure for darsonvalization in a cosmetologist and at home has no fundamental differences:

  1. To begin with, the skin needs to be cleaned with washing, toners or lotions. After cleansing, the skin should dry.
  2. Fatty skin can be sprinkled with talc, and a dry one - with a thin layer of a nutritious cream, so that the nozzle slides better.
  3. Before use, the nozzle must be treated with alcohol.
  4. Massage should be done in the way that is necessary for every specific skin defect.
  5. After the procedure, you can lubricate the face with a soothing agent (alcohol-containing preparations can not be used).
  6. The next session should be held no earlier than a day.
  7. Nozzles after the procedure should be wiped with alcohol.

Darsonval from acne

Apply darsonval from acne can be with a variety of types of rashes - it is suitable for eliminating acne, comedones, acne. During the procedure, the activity of the sebaceous glands is inhibited, the skin is saturated with oxygen, and with the help of ozone, pathogenic microorganisms are destroyed. For a pinpoint effect, you can use a drip nozzle, which, at the highest possible strength, needs to be pricked up by individual inflammatory elements. For massage, the face uses a mushroom head, which is carried over the face for 3-5 minutes.

Darsonval from post-piety

Very effective darsonval of scars and scars - with its help you can significantly even even severely affected by acne skin. The procedure should be mushroom-shaped nozzle, first 3-4 minutes - contactless, then 3-4 minutes - by contact. Darsonval for the face when planted stimulates lymphatic drainage and the regenerating properties of the skin, so that swelling, scarring and scars dissolves more quickly, and the face acquires a healthy color.

Darsonval from wrinkles

The most frequent question from women is how to use darsonval from mimic and age wrinkles. Massage this case should be done with a mushroom or leaf-shaped nozzle at an average or minimum power - tingling should be noticeable. The electrode should be led on massage lines by contact and non-contacting method for 20 minutes. After the procedure, it is desirable to apply an anti-aging cream, which at this time will be much better absorbed.

Darsonval from swelling under the eyes

Use darsonval at home from edema and circles under the eyes - a good alternative to expensive procedures. Massage of the skin around the eyes improves blood circulation, eliminates stagnation of lymph, relieves spasm of blood vessels. Gentle skin around the eyes is processed for 1 minute on massage lines. After the procedure, you should use a skin care agent for the eyelids.

Darsonval from couperose on face

The algorithm of darsonvalization with couperose must necessarily be coordinated with a cosmetologist who will assess the condition of the skin and vessels and allow or prohibit the procedure. If this method of treatment of couperose is approved, the exposure should be as cautious as possible and at low voltage: the mushroom head should be treated by contacting the skin with a contact method, then, by slightly increasing the voltage, by a contactless method. Duration of the procedure is 5 minutes. Darsonval with couperose helps strengthen the blood vessels and improve blood circulation.