Static exercises

Static exercises are not very popular at home training. As a rule, people are ready to perform repetitive actions, believing that this is more useful. In fact, the complex of static exercises is an excellent assistant in losing weight and gaining beautiful muscles, and it is worthwhile to apply them regularly.

Static exercises: benefit

Static stress is no less natural for a person than a dynamic one. For example, static exercises for the spine are the most common thing for the body, because the muscles along the vertebrae are always called to support it in tone.

The benefits of such exercises can be very different. The static voltage of half-strength gives a strong load on red muscle fibers, which most actively secrete energy from fats. Such exercises are optimal for weight loss and fat burning , especially if carried out after dynamic ...

Static exercises in full force involve white muscle fibers, which causes an increase in muscle volume and increase in strength. On the basis of this, many complexes of isometric gymnastics have been constructed, which give an effect no worse than a gym.

Because of the significant stress on the heart and blood vessels, such exercises are not recommended for people suffering from diseases from this sphere.

Static exercises for weight loss and the press

Consider a series of popular and effective static exercises that allow you to easily and quickly bring your body to shape, burn fat and tone your muscles. Perform them best in combination with dynamic exercises (in the second half of the session) in order to maximize their potential.

  1. Static push-ups. Take the emphasis lying, do not push the push-up completely, but until the middle, stay in this position and hold it for as long as possible.
  2. For deltoid muscles. Stand up straight, hands clasp in the lock at the level of the abdomen, palms directed upwards. Do the effort, as if you want to break the lock with your elbows in different directions. Focus on the work of the shoulders.
  3. For pectoral muscles. While standing, stretch your arms at the chest level and rest your palm on the palm of your hand. Put your hands on each other at first half-hearted, then maximally.
  4. For triceps. Stand on your knees in front of the stool, put your fists on it (with the palms of your hands down). Push on the stool with all your might.
  5. For biceps. Standing with your hands on your head, spreading your elbows to the sides. The palms should press down on the head.
  6. For the press. Lie on your back, spread your legs wide and rest on the floor. Tear your shoulders off the floor, stretch your arms outstretched forward. Feel how strained the abdominal press.
  7. For oblique abdominal muscles. Stand up straight, bend your arms in the elbows. Lean then one way, then the other side, making sure that the pelvis remains motionless.
  8. For the muscles of the back. Stand with your feet on a rope or rope, hold the ends in your hands, and, bending forward with a bend in the back, pull it up.
  9. For the muscles of the back. Lie on the floor on your stomach, place your hands behind your head and bend well enough in the lower back.
  10. For legs. Stand with your back to the wall, extend one foot to the length of the foot forward. The foot that is behind, press against the wall. After that, swap your legs. Focus on the sensations in the hips.

It is worth noting that before the static exercises you need an ordinary warm-up : twist the joints, pull the muscles, do a small jog to warm up, so that all muscles are ready for exercise and do not get sick after training. At the end of the desired extension complex.