Where to spend a bachelorette party?

So, you are preparing for the most important and long-awaited event in your life - to the wedding. Perhaps you decide to follow the traditions and plan a merry holiday with your beloved friends. Where can I have a hen party? It all depends on your desire and capabilities. The most important thing is to take care of the organization of the hen before the wedding. Do not do this on the eve of the celebration, otherwise the holiday may not be the best way on your appearance on the day of the wedding.

In advance, talk to your friends who are preparing the hen party, think over the possible options for its holding. Solve the financial question, because for the bride, such costs can be serious. It is also worth discussing gifts for the hen before the wedding. When you decide on an approximate plan for a bachelorette, do not forget to prepare everything you need beforehand.

Scripts for the bachelorette party

We offer to your attention several variants of the scenario, as it is possible to have a good time for a hen party:

Homemade hen party

If the bride is the lucky owner of her own home, then you can safely organize a holiday at home. Such a bachelorette party will be quite traditional: you need not so much - to set the table, collect girlfriends and remember the merry youth, and maybe even let the tear.

Perhaps you will like the "pajama party" variant, in such a relaxed atmosphere, people are more easily revealed and behave very sincerely. Therefore, girlish conversations will be intense and heartfelt. You can also prepare in advance a few comedies or melodramas, preferably on a wedding theme. Also as entertainment you can do fortune-telling, a suitable setting will create candles.

And how do you like the option of a spa salon at home? You can not only have a good time, but also put yourself in order before the celebration. Purchase in advance incense or aromatic candles , light natural cocktails, and also all necessary accessories and means for SPA-procedures.

Bachelorette party in a nightclub or bar

In this situation, you will hardly be able to talk. But you will have a great opportunity to have fun. Dance, sing in karaoke, order a man's striptease. The main thing - do not make compromising photos, it is unlikely that the groom will like it. In addition, do not forget to leave chatty girlfriends at home.

Restaurant hen-party

Put on your chic dresses with your friends, make evening hairstyles and order a table in a good restaurant. There you can and talk in a pleasant atmosphere, and dance, and you can even flirt with cute men who sit at a nearby table.

Feast in the sauna or in the bath

This option corresponds to Russian traditions: in the old days the bride went to the bathhouse with her friends. Order for a few hours a good sauna, preferably the one where there is a pool, billiards or karaoke. You can invite a stripper to the sauna, if you want something extraordinary. Do not forget about easy drinking and snacks, as well as contests that will help you spend time cheerfully.

Bachelorette party in an expensive car

Order a limousine for a few hours, preferably for evening or night. Three to five hours you will be more than enough. Arrange a smart photo shoot . And do not forget to bring champagne and snacks. Enjoy your vacation!