Steel wedding - ideas for gifts and celebrations

A married couple who exchanged a second decade of marriage and celebrating a steel wedding is worthy of great respect. During the years between them, misunderstandings are smoothed out, people know almost everything about each other. They are united not only by love, but also by common interests, moments, joint housing, property, children appear.

Steel wedding - how many years together?

There was an iron wedding, 11 years lived together. Throughout this time, the spouses had to overcome many difficulties, problems, quarrels and put up. Years later, relations have become stronger, more reliable, they can be compared to such a hard metal as steel. Many people argue that 11 years is not such a long time, most likely the pair has learned to respect each other, appreciate, carefully treats the second half.

What is given for a steel wedding?

Having received an invitation to the celebration, the question arises: what can you give to a steel wedding. First you need to pay attention to the dishes made of steel. This can be items such as forks and spoons, knives, carved handles. Good congratulations on a steel wedding to a man who loves cars - a set with tools, a woman - pans and pans. You can also present the following items:

What to give for a steel wedding to friends?

As a rule, friends and close people who know about the approaching date know that the couple prefers. But sometimes the choice of a gift causes the difficulty that they give to the steel anniversary of the wedding. We need to focus not only on the monetary equivalent, but also on the fact that the present was appropriate and consistent with the spirit of the anniversary.

Tableware is the most common gift. Dining sets of steel, glasses, glasses, cutlery - all this is perfect for a family celebration. But some couples believe that this is too trivial, and immediately warn donors what kind of gift they would like to receive.

What to give to his wife for a steel wedding?

Many families prefer to celebrate wedding anniversaries in a quiet, modest setting. But the gift for a steel wedding to the spouse all the same is necessary to hand over. The husband can make the house cozier, for example, install a fireplace, change the interior. Be sure to present his wife with flowers in the amount of 11 pieces. There is a sign: the longer these flowers stand, the more fortunate and more fortunate the life of the couple will be.

A spouse will not be mistaken with a gift if he gives his wife a cutlery made of white metal, a new set with metal ornaments on it. It will pleasantly surprise and please the second half if he presents to her:

What to give a steel wedding to her husband?

A loving and attentive wife knows exactly what to give her husband for a steel wedding. Having lived with him for 11 years, she has already studied his preferences. But if you still have difficulties, you can give some advice. It's unlikely that any man will abandon the modern tablet or smartphone of the latest model. A good gift to her husband for a steel wedding is a car gadget. It is desirable that it was in a steel case or had at least a small element of metal.

To spouse can such subjects:

Steel wedding traditions

It's not enough just to congratulate you on a steel wedding. Steel wedding involves the observance of certain traditions and rituals, so that the couple can live in harmony and harmony in the next couple of years.

  1. There is an ancient ceremony, when the couple must dip into the pond to wash off all the negative accumulated over the years. When the rite is performed, the husband and wife hold hands.
  2. On the day of the 11th anniversary, the spouse should hang a steel horseshoe above the front door. The main thing is that it is located with the legs up. It will become a kind of amulet , to save people from many problems and adversities. Strengthen the mascot family together. For example, the husband hangs, and the wife gives him nails and a hammer.
  3. There is also a ritual of exchange. It consists in the fact that on this day the husband and wife are changing some objects of their wardrobe. At this point, they should look into each other's eyes and say the words that will become parting words and a wish for further life together.