Chairs for feeding from 6 months - transformer

As a newborn child grows up, all young parents need to purchase a special highchair for him. Typically, this occurs at the age of about 6 months, when the baby acquires the habit of sitting alone , and his spine becomes strong enough.

A wide range of different models of such chairs often puts moms and dads in a quandary. In addition, this device is quite expensive. That is why young parents are increasingly giving preference to chairs for feeding with the function of transformer, which can be used from 6 months and until the child is five or six years old.

Features stool-transformers for feeding children

Children's chair-transformer for feeding can be wooden or plastic. Initially, it is used as a high chair, on which it is convenient to feed the baby, and later on, without much difficulty, is converted into a comfortable table for playing and studying with the child.

Typically, these stools have the ability to adjust the inclination of the back, which allows you to choose the most suitable position for a comfortable meal or game crumbs. The table top for such models is always removable, can take different positions.

On the seat of children's highchairs-transformers for feeding such a plan in most cases is a soft case, which can be saved from contamination with an ordinary damp cloth. In this case, no damage to the upholstery of the furniture is not applied.

To ensure a sufficient level of safety for a young child, these chairs are almost always equipped with special restraints, footrest and adjustable seat belts. In addition, in some models an additional niche is provided for stationery and gaming accessories, bottle receptacles and other similar items.

Although the stools-transformers for feeding have a number of advantages in comparison with other types of similar devices, they still have some significant drawbacks, namely:

Which highchair for feeding to choose?

Today in the market of children's goods there are quite a few highchairs-transformers for feeding children, which can be used from 6 months. According to most young mothers, the best among the models sold are the following:

  1. Jetem Gracia - plastic highchair-transformer for feeding, which is very easy to fold and transform, takes up an incredibly small space and, moreover, has a very original and bright design. Equipped with an additional table top-tray.
  2. HappyBaby Oliver is a comfortable highchair that transforms not only into a gaming table, but also into a rocking chair. Produced from high-quality plastic, which does not cause allergies, even in the smallest children. Meanwhile, the overall dimensions of this model allow using it only until the child reaches 4-4.5 years of age.
  3. Stokke Trip Trapp is a beautiful wooden chair-transformer, which can be used for life if you wish, as it can withstand loads of up to 120 kg. Despite the rather high cost, it enjoys deserved popularity among young parents due to its high quality, convenience and durability.
  4. Jane Activa Evo - a comfortable chair with an ergonomic seat, which helps to form a correct posture for the baby.
  5. Brevi Slex is an easy and comfortable highchair that will last for a child from 6 months to adolescence.
  6. STS-1 is a high-quality highchair of the Ukrainian manufacturer, made of natural pine.
  7. Globex Mishutka is a stable, reliable and compact chair made of natural wood.
  8. Babyroom Karapuz - inexpensive, but very comfortable model, made of environmentally friendly materials that do not harm the child, even if there is a tendency to allergies.