How to prepare milk for weight loss?

Milk is a very fashionable way to lose weight quickly, substantially and without cooking dietary dishes. Actually, all the weight loss on milk is in the unloading day with a drink made from tea and milk. Tea in English - you thought, but is it so thin Englishwoman?

To begin with, we list the ways how to prepare milk for weight loss.


For the preparation of milk we need:

That, in fact, that's all.

As for the choice of tea, all the weight loss fans know that green tea promotes weight loss even without milk. This is so, and indeed, the most acceptable option is pure green tea.

However, if you have not been fond of it before, such unloading can be affected by a sharp drop in pressure and even fainting. Combine green tea with black, or arrange unloading on herbal, berry or fruit collections, and to green it is necessary to get used gradually. There are several ways how to make milk.

  1. Milk warm up to 70⁰, pour there our 4 tsp. tea, let it brew for 20 minutes. Then strain and consume.
  2. For the second method, how to make milk for slimming, we need to make tea leaves. Tea leaves are brewed in a small amount of boiling water, we insist, then pour filtered tea leaves into warm or cold milk (this is already a matter of taste).
  3. We make molokochai portion: 1 tsp. tea into the cup, pour 100 g of boiling water, let's brew, then add about 150 g of milk.
  4. And the way how to brew milk correctly "in English" - fill the cup with 1/3 of milk, and 2/3 with tea brew.


It is believed that milk minimizes the harmful effect of caffeine contained in tea, and tea facilitates the absorption of milk. One way or another, and a day you lose up to 2 kg.

Milk has a diuretic effect, so in parallel you need to drink plenty of water (about 1.5 liters per day) to prevent dehydration.

Drink a cup of milk should be every two hours. For such a fasting day you normalize the metabolism, cleanse the blood and liver, well, and, of course, lose weight.

Such unloading should not be arranged more than once a week. And in all other days - adhere to a low-calorie menu. On milk, you can not "sit" people with low blood pressure. It threatens with loss of efficiency, rapid fatigue, fainting, loss of strength.

You can not also risk those who have kidney problems. They just will not take such a dose of milk.

Of course, in no case, you should not resort to this type of weight loss for people with lactose intolerance. Tea, though it helps assimilation, but not so much.

It is not recommended to use milk and people with gallbladder diseases, as it is, and risk with other types of unloading. Failures in the diet (and a fasting day is just a malfunction of the habitual way of life) lead to stagnation of bile.


But not everything is so smooth.

It turns out that milk and tea do not just neutralize each other, they also deprive us of the benefits of both products. Milk is a source of calcium, and tea does not allow calcium to be absorbed. Well, you think, one day without calcium in the name of losing weight!

However, calcium just does not dissolve into nothingness. It settles on the walls of the vessels, makes them more rigid and less elastic, respectively, gives an impetus to the development of a mass of unpleasant diseases, including atherosclerosis.

By adding milk to tea, the amount of carcinogens in the tea itself is increased. And this is fraught with cancer, moreover, a very rapid development of the disease, especially when it comes to the fans of milk.

And besides, it is worth thinking about what kind of weight loss. Diuretic effect - means we lose water, but not fat. But is water hindering us?