Smelov - losing weight

The main reason for the appearance of excess weight is overeating . And the more volume of food a person absorbs today, the more he will eat tomorrow, tk. his stomach is constantly stretched. To stop this vicious circle by force units - you need a colossal willpower and endurance. Fortunately for many, there is a method of slimming Dr. Smelov, which is designed to heal a person from the habit of overeating.

Principles of weight loss by the method of Sergei Smelov

The method of losing weight Sergei Smelov approved by the Ministry of Health. It is the development of Dr. Smelov and is based on psycho-correction. Treatment of patients is carried out in the clinic, under the supervision of experienced doctors, it is impossible to lose weight by this method alone.

Weight loss begins on Smelov's method from a visit to a polyclinic and conversation with a specialist. The doctor finds out the motives for wanting to lose weight and determines the degree of need to lose weight, because often girls come to the clinic, who do not have excess weight.

Contraindicated weight loss in the clinic Sergei Smelov with mental disorders, (including anorexia), diabetes, epilepsy, alcoholism, cancer, pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

If a patient really needs to lose weight, he is consulted about the main method of treatment - hypnosis sessions aimed at suppressing excessive appetite. After hypnosis, a person begins to eat less, he develops proper eating habits, there is no desire to seize stress and to empty the refrigerator at night. Over time, the patient's stomach shrinks to normal size, and he loses weight (up to 18 kg for 6 months).

The method of psycho-correction of Dr. Smelov, like many other methods of weight loss, has its supporters and opponents. However, if other methods of weight loss (exercise, diet) are impossible because of health problems, the use of hypnosis is fully justified, because thanks to these sessions, the person will return not only harmony, but also health.