Unloading day for milk - how to prepare milk?

To throw off a few extra pounds a day, without suffering from hunger? Unloading day for milk is a universal recipe. Correctly mixed tea and milk create a nutritious and light drink, with which it is easy to lose weight. This is a healing drink, perfectly satisfying hunger. If you follow the diet correctly, a pleasant result is provided.

Milk is a benefit

The uniqueness of this drink is that it combines the beneficial properties of tea and milk, has a pleasant taste, which can not always boast of dietary broths. Even the ancient healers noted his healing properties. Than the tea with milk is useful:

  1. Strengthens the body, improves the work of all internal organs.
  2. Helps absorb milk fat.
  3. Restores the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.
  4. Has a choleretic and diuretic effect.
  5. Adjusts the work of the heart and blood vessels, kidneys.
  6. Relieves nervous tension.
  7. Removes excess water from the body.
  8. Gives a tonic effect.

Unloading day for milking - recipe

Tea is selected according to taste and preferences. You can grow black tea with milk, but nutritionists recommend using green tea. Milk is desirable to take a low fat content. The milk should be stored in a refrigerator or in a thermos bottle. The question of how to prepare milk for a day of unloading is important, because there are several recipes for this drink.

Recipe for milking №1



  1. Milk must be brought to a boil, then add tea.
  2. Infuse for about 30 minutes, drain.
  3. Add 1-2 tablespoons of honey.

Recipe for milking № 2



  1. Brew tea, in the proportion of 2 teaspoons per glass.
  2. Insist five minutes.
  3. Pour a glass of boiled milk.

How to take a drink for greater efficiency:

  1. You can drink milk, both cold and hot, at least 1.5 liters per day, about a cup every 2 hours.
  2. Another half-liter of the liquid body needs to be compensated with water, because the milk acts as a diuretic.
  3. Do not drink at night.

Unloading day on milk and fruits

If you want to lose weight more radically than 1-2 kilograms a day, and really liked the drink, nutritionists are advised to try a day of relieving on apples and milk. With fruit, milk is already included in the diet, and it is allowed to stick to it for up to three days. The most optimal menu:

  1. For breakfast - a portion of milk.
  2. The second breakfast is apples in unlimited quantities.
  3. Half an hour before lunch - a serving of tea with milk.
  4. Lunch is apples.
  5. Dinner - milk (no later than 3 hours before bedtime).

How to survive a fasting day on milk?

To sustain a day on milk will be easier, if to prepare for it in advance and to be defined, how to make molokochaj for a fasting day. It is best to spend it at home. The main thing - carefully organize the entrance to the diet and the way out of it. There are several rules:

  1. Supper before the day of discharge needs to be arranged easy.
  2. You can dilute milk: half a glass of drink as much hot water.
  3. Drink fluids more if thirsty.
  4. If you burn the dregs, you can include fruits in the diet.
  5. The first breakfast after a diet is just an easy one. Strengthen the effect of a diet glass of apple-carrot juice on an empty stomach.

Milk - contraindications

Many of those who have tried the diet for milk, mark symptoms such as dizziness and weakness. Dietitians explain this by the fact that on a day of milking the body is dehydrated under the influence of the drink, and it is possible to compensate for this only with a large volume of liquid. If you drink a little water, such symptoms are understandable. But even the positive properties of milk are not suitable for people:

Unloading on milk - results

On milk, you can lose a day from 1 to 2 kilograms. Sometimes the weight goes less than a kilogram, then you have to take into account that the result depends on several factors:

  1. How much excess fluid in the body. The more extra pounds, the more weight goes with the water.
  2. If you drink fruit in addition to the drink, the weight may decrease less than expected.
  3. With light physical exertion the result will be better, you can lose up to 3 kilograms a day.
  4. In addition, you can lose a couple more kilograms, if after the unloading on milking has ended, eat low-calorie food.