How to improve metabolism in the body?

In the world there are a lot of people who eat everything they want and still stay slim, as well as those who limit themselves in everything, but gain weight. From what it depends and how you can improve the metabolism in the body, will be told in this article.

How is everything arranged?

Metabolism is a set of many biochemical processes that are divided by functionality into assimilation processes and dissimilation processes. The first are responsible for the absorption of nutrients by the body, and the latter - for their decay. Normally, these processes are in balance, but if a person begins to recover, then we can assume that in his body, the processes of assimilation prevail, and vice versa. A regulates the entire central nervous system, or rather one of its departments - the hypothalamus. Under the influence of external factors, to which include incorrect diet and sedentary lifestyle, or internal, relating to changes in the hormonal background or the appearance of diseases, the metabolism can both slow down and accelerate its course.

In the first case, such an ailment develops as obesity, and in the second, a mechanism of uncontrolled weight loss is triggered, supported by insufficient nutrition and large physical and mental loads. In the latter case, it is better to seek advice from a specialist, and in the first you can try to help yourself.

How to improve digestion and metabolism?

Here are the methods that will help you lose weight without harm to your health:

  1. Fractional meals in small portions. So the gastrointestinal tract will work normally, without experiencing increased loads, characteristic for overeating.
  2. Decrease in the diet of the proportion of foods that slow digestion, and increase the volume of those that are better absorbed. The first include baking and baking, bread, fatty and high-calorie foods. To products that improve metabolism, include fruits and vegetables, proteins, which are rich in seafood and fish, lean meat and milk.
  3. Improve your metabolism and lose weight will help exercise. You do not need to practice at the gym. You can make an appointment for dancing, start running in the morning, or ride a bicycle, swim.
  4. Improve the metabolism after 45 years will help water, because it will provide soft weight loss, saturate the skin so necessary at this age of moisture. The lack of liquid slows down the process of digestion and causes the accumulation of toxins and toxins in the body.
  5. Massage.
  6. Sauna and sauna, or at least a regular contrast shower.
  7. Full rest, reduction of stressful situations.