Wushu for Beginners

Wushu in translation means Chinese martial art. It appeared several centuries ago in China and for a long time was considered the most mysterious of all martial arts, and the history of Wushu goes back to ancient times. Since ancient times all Wushu receptions have been kept in strict secrecy, were of a family nature and were passed on from generation to generation. Currently, there are several styles and directions of Wushu schools. But a common basis for all directions is the need to simultaneously improve the spirit and strengthen the body. And if in one word the basis of Wushu is a philosophy through which a person can dominate nature without violating its laws.

Wushu for Beginners

Currently, there are two main areas of Wushu - sports and traditional. The sports direction has some limitations, in particular, such methods as elbow and knee strikes, at the base of the skull, in the spine and in the groin are prohibited. In the traditional (combat) direction, all these techniques are allowed. Wushu classes in the sporting direction are very useful for health: they develop dexterity and coordination, instill acrobatic skills. And in the end they are called to lead the sportsman to participate in competitions, victories and prizes.

The traditional direction does not imply competition, and the techniques of this direction are aimed at quickly defending, neutralizing the enemy and immediately attacking him. Currently, competitions are held on contact wushu, but they are mostly cognitive and indicative. The main difference between the traditional (combat) wushu is the direct transfer of experience, skill and traditions of single combat from the teacher to his students.

Well, if your goal is not winning, prizes and medals, but strengthening health and training the body, then it makes sense to do gymnastics for Wushu for beginners, which will first of all help develop endurance and strength, improve self-discipline and psychological stability.

Wushu for women

The most important thing when you are engaged in this single combat is to have loose clothes. Masters of this martial art say that you need to wear clothes that you most often wear and in which you most often appear on the street. However, for a full training, clothes for Wushu should be tailored to order according to individual standards and special patterns.

In general, clothing for training consists of several sets that are designed for different weather. For daily training, a cotton T-shirt and pants will do. For outdoor training in cool weather, leggings are worn over pants and a special jacket (doi).

Thus, for Wushu classes you need:

Clothing sews mainly from either 100% cotton, or 95% cotton and 5% lycra. The fabric with Lycra thread has a great elasticity.

Wushu inventory

The most positive feature in Wushu classes is that Wushu does not require special equipment and equipment. Basically, for training take a pole, saber or sword.

So, the pole represents a stick in the growth of a person. As a rule, it is made of white willow and has a huge chopping power.

The saber is also designed for cutting and cutting strokes. All swords have a curved shape and consist of a point, a hilt, a blade and a handle. Swords fencing is characterized by a huge amplitude and impact force.

The sword is a short and thin weapon. Its dignity is that it is quite easy and allows you to perform a variety of technical actions.