Country style in the interior of a country house

Country style (rustic) in the interior of the country house serves as a conductor to folk culture, home way of life, national traditions. Such a situation meets the best foundations, has a special charm due to the use of simple things familiar from childhood.

Country Style Features

The main differences of this interior are the simplicity of textures, the lack of modern materials, the use of natural raw materials.

A characteristic element of the interior is massive large beams, the ceiling itself is often painted white. The walls of the room are painted in monophonic color, pasted wallpaper with a floral pattern or covered with wooden panels of a rough shape.

For finishing the floor is used parquet, floorboard, laminate wood - the most budgetary material.

Country style - cosiness and practicality

From furniture for the countryside furnish a massive set of wood, perhaps with a touch of antiquity, a solid leather sofa or upholstered furniture with upholstery with floral ornaments. The form of furniture is often used with straight lines, it is possible to combine it with forged parts. For a large house used furniture is more massive and thorough. On the chairs and sofas you can arrange a lot of pillows. A cozy rocking chair will complement the interior. Lamps and lamps in the country style are used with fabric lampshades and dim light. In the decoration of the room it is appropriate to use forged products, aged brass, copper.

Numerous tablecloths, curtains, napkins, rugs, wicker tracks, lace are appropriate in any kind of rural setting. Textiles are used in an unlimited number. Fabrics need natural - cotton, linen, chintz, with a pattern and plant motifs or in a box. But there should not be any big drawings and folds. This situation is suitable for those who are used to a practical situation, where everything is easy to clean and does not require special care.

Most often, interior design in the country style is used to equip a country house. For such an interior is characterized by the lack of luxury and expensive things, romantic ease and simplicity. An important attribute of the design is a fireplace, surrounded by natural stone, you can decorate it with candlesticks and souvenirs. It is possible to use the landscape in a wooden frame. Small details in the form of family photos, ancient clocks, earthen vessels emphasize the stylish design.

Equipment and modern technology in such a room are hidden in built-in closets , niches, so as not to expose them on display.

Country house in the country style looks natural, natural and fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape.

The color palette of the style should be as close to nature as possible. It assumes a saturated color range, mainly in woody colors, but light pastel shades can also be used. Basically this is the whole range of brown, beige , milky, sand color.

Together with natural wood, wall decoration with a natural stone is widely used, which is an important part of the design.

A modern country-style cottage may look like an American ranch, a French chalet or a Russian manor.

Country first and foremost is eco-friendly design. He can realize the dream of a house in the village and successfully fits into the interior of a modern home. This style puts at the heart of home cosiness, so this interior will become quite comfortable for living.