The lips of this girl fascinated the whole Internet, and now you'll understand why!

Meet - this girl's name is Jasmina Daniel, she is only 25 years old, and her lips are already being watched and discussed by hundreds of thousands of Web users!

No, and it's not in any special form or mysterious smile, it's just that Jazzmina creates such masterpieces on them that you only saw on TV or in the gallery before!

Well, for example, the heroine Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany"!

In fact, the make-up in all its manifestations, the girl was carried away in 2006, but the famous became quite recently. And, alas, very gloomy events led to her worldwide glory ...

It turns out that more than 10 years ago, Jasmine was diagnosed with a terrible brain tumor, and because of serious treatment she had to stay alone for a long time in four chamber walls. That's when she began to engage in the fact that at least for a short while brought joy and comfort!

By the way, did you notice that on the lips of Jasmine there is a famous photo of Beyonce, where she poses, being in position? Then the girl spent more than 4 hours on this job and used 12 different shades of lipstick!

Oh, and this is Rihanna in the video "Wild Thoughts"!

Best poster for the movie "Edward Scissorhands"!

So, being on treatment, Jazmina did not just beautifully paint her lips for the sake of fun, but she even managed to finish several courses, because she considers an important part of this work - professionalism and great attention to detail!

A brilliant illustration of "Alice in Wonderland", is not it?

"I often feel dissatisfaction with the result, and sometimes I feel how a good idea is melting in front of my eyes," says the make-up artist. "Perhaps these feelings are familiar to all artists. But then I take myself in hand, and bring the work to perfection. "

And looking at this Titanic, we believe it!

On the lips of Jasmine singer Selena, who made all America love Tehano.

By the way, the creativity of the Internet girl did not immediately, and at first she often cried because of offensive comments and criticism. But then I realized for myself the main thing - you need to concentrate only on the good, and everything will turn out. And here is the Joker in his sleeve!

Favorite theme for inspiration - Disney cartoons!

Did you recognize the epic scene from The Lion King?

This New Year's fairy tale!

And this is just magic or magic!

The scene from "Beauty and the Beast" with Emma Watson in the title role looks fascinating on her lips!

But while working on the picture based on the film "Jaws" Jazzmina admitted that her lip size was not enough for her ...

But while working on the picture based on the film "Jaws" Jazzmina admitted that her lip size was not enough for her ...

And do you know how many subscribers today on the page in Instagram have this unique make-up artist? Yes, she is already envious of many world stars, and quite deserved, because only she can see so much unusual and positive, like, for example, like Elsa and Anna on one smile!