New Year's toys from polymer clay

What is the New Year's day without gifts and pleasant surprises? You can, of course, go for them to the store, but you can try to make interesting souvenirs with your own hands. New-year crafts made of polymer clay do not difficult, and those who have ever faced with modeling, even from plasticine, it will not be very difficult. All members of the family can participate in the work: from the smallest to the elderly, and our master class on how to step-by-step make New Year's crafts made of polymer clay will help you in this.

Master-class: "Snowmen"

To work you will need a polymer clay of such colors: white, black, orange, blue, pink and lilac. And also powder for giving pink cheeks to snowmen.

  1. First we sculpt the body and head of our main characters. For this, each oblong cone needs to be rolled up - a body, two handles, a ball - a head. In addition, we make a nose-carrot from orange clay, and from a black eye and a mouth of seven balls.
  2. Now make out the body: connect the body and hands, and make a face.
  3. Next, we make blue and lilac scarves. They are done in the same way, so we give an example of modeling a scarf of blue color. To do this, roll the ball and make it flattened. After this, we join two wide strips together and make cuts.
  4. Now, on the body of the snowman, we first put on the collar of the scarf, and from above we make the ends.
  5. Next, we begin to make headphones. This accessory is molded equally for the two extreme snowmen. To do this, take three pieces of clay. From one rolled oblong stick, and from the other two flattened balls. After that headphones are attached to the head of the snowman.
  6. Now proceed to the design of the average snowman: we make a scarf. For this, two long threads are rolled from white and pink clay and we connect them with a rope.
  7. Next, we make incisions on the tips and wind on the snowman.

After that, it remains only to attach the top of the head and bake the figurines in the oven. To do this, warm up the oven to about 110-130 degrees (according to the instructions for polymer clay) and send the craft for 8-15 minutes to bake. After the snowmen taken out of the oven cool down, they must be opened with varnish and allowed to dry.

To summarize, I want to say that New Year's crafts made of polymer clay, if there is a step-by-step master class or instruction, is very simple. In this case, the most important thing is a good mood and a little patience. Do it together with your children, and possibly with your parents, and these wonderful New Year toys made of polymer clay will delight you for a year.