Loan for the construction of a house for maternity capital

Maternity capital is a very significant measure of financial encouragement for families of Russian citizens, in which a second or subsequent child has appeared since 2007. By 2016, the original amount of this social payment has been repeatedly indexed, and to date its size exceeds 450 thousand rubles. These funds allow many families to solve the housing problem and expand their living space.

Although it is impossible to cash out this measure of encouraging families with children, there are many ways to exercise the right to dispose of these finances. Including, the families-holders of the certificate have the right to receive a loan for the construction of a house for maternity capital or to repay a previously issued loan. In this article, we will look at the subtleties of this procedure and tell you which documents may be required in order to transfer this social payment to the receipt or repayment of the loan.

How to get a loan for building a house for maternity capital?

In order to apply for a home construction loan with the use of the parent capital as part of the initial payment, you should send a written request to the bank or any other financial institution with a request to provide the required amount of money. In it, you will have to specify how much money you want to receive, and how you plan to implement them. Also, the bank must necessarily provide a photocopy of the parent certificate.

It is worth noting that such payments are not performed by every credit institution. As a rule, for loans for the purpose of building a residential house using the means of social support measures, they are referred to Sberbank of Russia or VTB 24 Bank.

After the loan is approved, you need to approach the Pension Fund at the official registration address and in writing to apply for a part or all of the amount of maternity capital to repay the loan for building a house. In order for the forthcoming transaction to be approved, you will have to collect a number of documents, namely:

In addition, if the construction of the house will be carried out not by the family's own forces, but with the involvement of the contractor, in addition you will have to present a copy of the contract with this organization.

If the submitted documents contain comprehensive information, and the planned transaction does not violate the rights of any member of the family, your application will be granted. A maximum of 2 months after this, the money will be transferred by the Pension Fund to the account of the financial institution.

Absolutely similarly, it is permitted to send the amount of maternity capital to repay a loan for the construction of a residential house taken earlier. In both cases, you do not need to wait for the execution of a toddler of three years of age - you are allowed to exercise your right immediately after obtaining a family certificate.