The diet of Elena Anisimova

The most popular method of losing weight are diets. The advantage of this method of getting rid of extra pounds is a wide variety of diet options and the ability to lose weight in a short time.

However, everything is so rosy in fact, as it is written in advertising articles about diets. Many women are faced with poor dietary efficiency, negative consequences in the form of the appearance of diseases and deterioration in the health of the skin, hair and nails. In addition, only a part of the dieters of the fair sex brings it to the end. Many - break down, unable to withstand severe restrictions in nutrition.

Diet should not be stress for the body, it should be comfortable and pleasant, carry health improvement, weight loss and good mood. To achieve this, you must follow only those diets that were individually compiled by an experienced nutritionist.

Dietitian Elena Anisimova

Dietitian Elena Anisimova has been helping women lose weight for more than ten years. She worked in various centers of dietetics, where she specialized in the fight against obesity. The education of a nutritionist and work experience led her to such an understanding of diets:

All Elena Anisimova's diets are built on these principles, so they are easier to follow, and the effect they give is simply stunning. It is the honor of a nutritionist to bring every woman or man to the desired weight. To do this, the method of consultation and correction of the diet is applied.

Anisimova takes up various cases associated with excess weight . Young girls who are overweight are born to her; women who gained weight during pregnancy, and women of older age. All of them want to become more attractive and healthier.

The diet menu of Elena Anisimova

The menu of diets is made individually for everyone. However, Anisimova seeks that her recommendations on nutrition are not normal diets, but become a way of life for a person. It adjusts everyone to proper nutrition, recommends abandoning harmful products and introducing the principle of separate nutrition.

Diets are made in such a way that the body of the slimming is not hungry, and that there is no shortage of nutrients in it. Lose weight fast with diets Anisimova will not work. All her diets are long, so that the body takes them as gently and calmly as possible. In addition, it is long-term diets that lead to a real loss of excess weight, and not to getting rid of unnecessary stagnant liquid. During such diets, energy is released from fat stores deposited in different parts of the body. Together with getting rid of extra pounds, slimming women note improvement in health. This is due to the elimination of toxins from the body, improvement of the intestine and increased metabolism .

When choosing diets for weight loss, you must take into account the characteristics of your body. However, the best option is to follow diets, selected individually by an experienced nutritionist.