Siofor 500 for weight loss - effectiveness and reception rules

Overweight - the problem of people suffering from diabetes, leading a sedentary lifestyle, with eating disorders. The desired result will not be, unless the diet changes. Siofor 500 for rapid weight loss helps to overcome dependence on food and control appetite.

Siofor 500 - composition

In each soybean tablet, 500 mg of metformin hydrochloride. This active substance affects metabolic processes, suppressing the process of fat accumulation under the influence of insulin. The amount of insulin produced in the body does not change - its quality characteristics change. As additional components in the composition of the drug include:

Povidone binds and safely removes toxic substances through the intestines, without damaging the mucous membrane. Magnesium stearate strengthens the nervous system, heart and blood vessels, is responsible for the complete absorption of calcium by the body, normalizes the endocrine system. Macrogol 6000 improves intestinal motility, prevents the absorption of toxins and intoxication.

What is the purpose of Siofor 500?

Siofor 500 is prescribed to patients suffering from type II diabetes in cases when it is accompanied by obesity. Weight gain often accompanies the disease. This is caused by a sharp increase in the level of glucose in the blood - the body is not able to process such a volume, so it lays it in the form of fat. The second cause of obesity in diabetes is that sugar does not feed cells, but accumulates in the blood. Against the background of this process, people constantly feel hungry.

The drug is complex:

  1. Reduces blood sugar levels to normal.
  2. Normalizes the production of insulin.
  3. Accelerates metabolic processes in the body.
  4. Suppresses the feeling of hunger.
  5. Gradually reduces weight.

Siofor 500 with diabetes is prescribed as part of complex therapy. For patients with diabetes, a physician selects an individual diet - it includes products that make up for missing nutrients in the body. Meals are strictly dosed, so that the stomach and intestines can process it. The diet is accompanied by moderate physical activity and physical therapy.

Does Siofor help 500 lose weight?

The effect of losing weight after taking Siofora 500 is based on the ability of the drug to suppress hunger and dull appetite, regulate the amount of sugar in the blood. Taking tablets, women and men notice the same changes - they have reduced the need for sweet and flour and there is a desire to replace high-calorie desserts with useful vegetables, fruits, and sour-milk products.

After taking the Siofor 500 tablet in the body of the weightlifter, the amount of fatty acids and glycerin increases, thereby accelerating the breakdown of subcutaneous fat and removing it from the body. Fatty acids cause muscle tissue to intensively process glucose and to consume fat stores faster. Extra pounds go away gradually, without harm to health.

How to lose weight on Siofora 500?

Before taking Siofor 500 for weight loss, you need to consult a doctor, give a general analysis of blood and urine, check the kidneys and liver. It is a medicinal product, not a biological additive, it has contraindications and side effects. People who adhere to a rigid diet (less than 1000 Kcal per day), these pills are contraindicated.

How to drink Siofor 500? The medicine is taken with food, washed down with a lot of water. Beginning to lose weight experts recommend to drink tablets in the evening, in order to reduce the risk of side effects. In the first days, nausea, allergies, and stomach pain are possible-this condition will pass as soon as the gastrointestinal tract adapts to the medicine. Symptoms of an overdose are similar to food poisoning - sweet in a small amount will improve the condition. After 7 hours the drug will be removed from the body.

Dose intake Siofora 500

The drug is available in different dosages:

The drug starts at a dosage of 500 mg. In combination with diet and exercise in the gym, the daily dose is 1 tablet for 1-2 intake. How to drink Siofor 500 for weight loss, so as not to harm yourself? Doctors recommend taking 1 tablet at breakfast. It is necessary to exclude from the diet flour and pasta, potatoes, sugar, sweet drinks. Admission to this scheme will get rid of 2 kg per week.

The tablets are drunk without chewing and drinking with a lot of water. It is impossible to increase the dose - it is done gradually after consultation with the endocrinologist. The maximum daily dose should not exceed 3 g. Overdose leads to a sharp decrease in pressure, weakness, acute pain in muscles, confusion of thoughts and loss of consciousness. At the first symptoms, taking pills should stop and go to the clinic.

How long can I take Siofor 500?

The preparation Siofor 500 is taken according to the instructions. The doctor appoints the duration and periodicity of the reception individually, based on the patient's history and the results of the tests. To abuse tablets it is impossible - their long reception slows down the absorption of vitamin B12 into the blood, provokes its deficiency in the body and other serious pathologies. Patients with diabetes need to check their blood glucose weekly and take tests every 2 months.

How to take Siofor 500 healthy people to get rid of extra pounds? By the same scheme as with diabetes, but no longer than 3 months. If you take pills longer, the process of splitting fats will slow down - the weight will stay in place. So the body of a healthy person will try to restore the disturbed metabolic processes in the body, keep a reserve of fat.

Siofor 500 and alcohol

In the preparation Siofor 500, the interaction with alcohol is zero - the use is contraindicated in people with chronic alcoholism. When you drink alcohol to adhere to a low-calorie diet is difficult, but this is not his main danger. Alcohol blocks the production of glucose in the body, which leads to irreversible consequences. In modern medicine, there were cases when patients fell into a coma and did not leave it.

Siofor 500 - side effects

The use of Siofor, as any drug, has adverse reactions. Among them:

Siofor 500 analogues and substitutes

In the presence of contraindications and adverse reactions, doctors cancel the drug and prescribe analogues Siofora 500:

  1. Gliiformin.
  2. Formethine.
  3. Metformin.
  4. Glucophage.

In all the listed medicinal preparations the active substance is metformin , therefore the pharmacological action is similar to Siofor. The analogues differ by the amount of active substance in 1 tablet and the composition of the auxiliary components. Disturbance of dosage or unsystematic administration of substitute drugs can lead to side effects and aggravate the state of health.