Liam Cunningham told us what the 8th season of the "Game of Thrones" will be

"Onion Knight" sir Davos Sivort - one of the few characters of the series "The Game of Thrones", which managed to survive by the end of Season 7. The actor who played this role, gave an interview to Hollywood Reporter. Here's what Liam Cunningham told about the upcoming season of the super-popular TV series:

"I will say at once, I can not say anything for sure, since we have not yet seen the script of the new series. But, I guess that at last all the fragments of this amazing story will converge. Before, the participants of the events existed as if disconnected, and now they all converge at one point. I think that it will be very curious, because representatives of different families will unite, even those who were unfamiliar or even fought each other. After all, it's time to fight a common enemy. We do not know exactly how events will evolve, what battles await us and who will sit on the iron throne. Or maybe the throne itself will not. Anything can happen, for this adult story was invented by adults for adults. "

Atmosphere on the set

Journalists asked Cunningham what will be the mood on the set of the film at the end of the work on the last season.

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And that's what they heard in response:

"This is unusual and very strange. I feel that for all of us it's a terrific gift to be part of a cultural phenomenon called "The Game of Thrones". I'm proud of this project, it's almost the brightest in my resume for today. I am sure that the memories of this work will give me a smile for the rest of my life. "