Raspberry jam

Even our ancestors knew about the medicinal properties of raspberries. Raspberry is rich in vitamins and microelements. It contains vitamins of group B, as well as, PP, C, organic acids, fiber, essential oil, iron and folic acid. The plant raspberries contain up to 10% easily digestible sugars (fructose and glucose).

Raspberry application:

Raspberries go well with honey. Raspberries and honey have a double healing effect and are used to treat and prevent many diseases.

The benefit of raspberries, too, is its ability to replace many medications.

Recipes of raspberry jam

It should not be forgotten that raspberries, in addition, have a unique sweet taste. It perfectly complements various pies and desserts, it is good in raw form and in the form of jam.

In this article, you will find recipes for how to make jam from such a useful berries as raspberries.

A classic recipe for raspberry jam

For the preparation of raspberry jam, the following ingredients are needed: 1 kilogram of raspberries and 1.2 kilograms of sugar.

Raspberry should be well rinsed, cleaned and poured with salted water for 10 minutes. This procedure is necessary in order for the raspberry beetle and its larvae to surface. After that raspberries are washed again, pour 0.5 kg of sugar and put in a cool place for 5 hours, so that the berries let the juice. After 5 hours, raspberry juice should be drained into a separate pan, add the remaining sugar to it and boil the syrup.

Brush berries with hot syrup and bring to a boil three times, constantly removing the foam. Ready hot jam immediately poured on sterilized jars and rolled.

Recipe for raspberry jam "Pyatiminutka"

To prepare the jam "Pyatiminutka" from raspberries are needed: 1 kilogram of ripe raspberries and 1.5 kilograms of sugar.

Clean and raspberry raspberries fill with sugar and leave for 5 hours to isolate the juice. The resulting juice bring to a boil, add berries to it, boil 5 minutes and remove from heat. After cooling, simmer the jam again. After that, raspberry jam can be poured over cans and rolled up.

Recipe for raspberry jam without cooking

This recipe is extremely simple. For 1 kilogram of raspberries are needed: 400 grams of sugar and 200 ml of water.

Wash and raspberry raspberries should be filled with water, put on fire and boil for 3 minutes. The hot mass should be wiped through a sieve, add to it sugar and once again bring to a boil. Put the jam into prepared glass jars and sterilize for 15 minutes. After that, roll up.

Raspberry jam is not only delicious, but also extraordinarily useful. During colds, raspberry jam brings great benefit as an antipyretic. About the healing properties of raspberry jam for sure everyone knows from childhood. With colds, flu, coughs and sore throats, even doctors recommend using raspberry jam.