Psychology of man - books

Books on human psychology will help everyone who wants to find answers to questions that torment the soul, will be able to push you to analyze the motives, both their personal actions and those around them. In addition, they will teach you to clearly see the causes of the origin of any conflict situations, thereby improving the quality of your life.

Books about the psychology of human behavior

  1. "Psychological vampirism. Training manual on conflictology ", M. Litvak . Do you want to learn how to build harmonious interpersonal relationships both in the family circle and at work? This book will teach how not to succumb to the harsh phrases of the offenders and get out of conflicts of any complexity with a minimum of moral losses. Moreover, you will learn the secrets of true friendship, sincere love, productive work.
  2. "Do not growl at the dog! A book about the training of people, animals and myself ", K. Payor . This is one of the best books on human psychology. The author has developed a new unique technique that helps you teach others to do as you wish. No, you should not think that it's about NLP, hypnosis, etc. Positive reinforcement - this is the secret shared with readers by an American writer, and besides, a biologist, Pior.
  3. "Read a man like a book in 90 minutes", B. Barron - Tiger, P. Tiger . The book will be useful, primarily to those whose activities are related to working with people. It will help understand the understanding of the actions of people with different types of character. It should be noted that the information presented is based on the theoretical material of the authors on the division of human psychology into personal types.
  4. "Psychology of emotions. I know how you feel, "P. Ekman . Who said that you can not recognize a person before you speak to him? This book deserves to be on the list of the best in human psychology. It teaches the recognition of emotions of any complexity: controlled, explicit or hidden. The author shares with his readers the techniques of recognizing, evaluating and adjusting his emotional state, even at the earliest stages of his development.

Books on the psychology of communication with people

  1. "Energy of emotions in communication", V. Boyko . Sometimes a person, without noticing it, complicates the relationship with other people through his emotional energy. She is able not only to inspire our interlocutor, but also to make him feel depressed.
  2. "The genius of communication," R. Brinkman . A famous book on the psychology of communication with any person in an easy form reveals the secrets of communication. The American psychologist gives advice to help understand how to behave with difficult people, how to stop a quarrel with a conflict person and how to turn this misunderstanding into communication into cooperation.
  3. "Grand Master of Communication", S. Deryabo . Do you want to improve your communication skills by increasing your psychological culture and mastery in everyday communication? Then this is exactly what you need.
  4. "Negotiations on 100%", I. Dobrotvorsky . Well-known business coach shares effective methods of conducting business negotiations of varying complexity. This book, in the first place, is interesting in that it considers everyday life situations, analyzes on human psychology are conducted. You will learn about new methods that go beyond the usual negotiation techniques.
  5. "The language of conversation," Allan and Barbara Pease . The creators of this masterpiece of communication are the well-known sign language author Allan Pease and his wife. In their book, they share with the readers secrets that help to pick out from the phrases of your interlocutor those that are said simply out of courtesy and those that are worth deciphering in terms of non-verbal signals.