"Miss Maxim 2014"

Summing up the results of the contest "Miss Maxim 2014" was held on July 22 in the concert hall of "Izvestiya HALL". It was there that ten finalists gathered, selected by a spectator vote of countless girls who submitted their application forms for participation in this contest. Each of the participants was interesting and charming in its own way, but eventually the prize went to one, although the rest of the girls were not deprived of attention or gifts. Let's take a closer look at what the participants of this year were and who eventually got the title "Miss Maxim 2014".

Competition "Miss Maxim 2014"

So, a dozen finalists:

Anastasia Pljaskina. A young model from Chita. I entered the top ten finalists.

Christina Boyko. Another finalist. The girl was sure of her victory, because she is half Russian, and half Ukrainian, which makes her appearance doubly interesting. Rod Christina from St. Petersburg.

Vera Sapozhnikova. Red-haired model from the city of Moscow became one of the brightest participants of "Miss Maxim 2014".

Anastasia Fadeeva. Another Muscovite among the finalists of the contest, which in the end did not win, although still remember a lot.

Ekaterina Kibireva. Incredibly sexy and bright girl from Nizhny Novgorod, conquered all without exception by her charm.

Kamila Bakhodirova. A model from St. Petersburg, which believes that the victory is not enough just one beautiful body, since there is nothing more charming than intelligent eyes. Probably, despite the presence of both, Camille still did not have enough for victory.

Olga Litchenkova. A participant from Yaroslavl, who eventually got the title Miss Baikal Organik from the sponsors of the contest "Miss Maxim" this year.

Annette Kostik. This expressive girl from the city of Kiev received the title of second Vice-Miss magazine Maxim. And this title can definitely be called well deserved, as the appearance of Annette attracts the eye.

Tiana Kolobova. The owner of a truly unusual and charming appearance, as well as the title of Vice-Miss Maxim. A searing mulatto from Moscow became a real adornment of the competition this year.

Ekaterina Surgutcheva. And, finally, the winner of "Miss Maxim 2014" - a Moscow model, a burning brunette and an incredibly attractive, sexy girl. It was Ekaterina who won this year the right to appear on the cover of Maxim magazine, so you can see her photos in the September issue. The victory was unequivocally for this girl deserved, because, even in her own words, she deserves better and Catherine was able to prove it to everyone.

A few photos from the event "Miss Maxim 2014" you can see below in the gallery. There was a very bright and memorable show and, of course, incredibly bright girls, as you have already seen.