Scalarians - compatibility with other fish

Scalarians are very beautiful and unpretentious fish. Their peculiarity and originality lies in the shape of their body and its variegated color scheme. These fish are flat and in shape resemble a figured leaf. For beginners aquarists, the breeding of scalars is a very suitable option for the first experiment. The temperature range that the scalars need is large enough 22-26 ° C. In addition, they normally tolerate a temperature drop of up to 18 ° C. You can feed them both with moths and with dry food. However, the latter should be chosen based on considerations of the structure of the body of the fish. The fact is that it will be extremely difficult, even impossible to eat food from the bottom of the aquarium because of its physiological characteristics. Therefore, you need to choose a food that would very slowly come down.

Scalarians live quite a long time. Up to 10 years. There are cases when this term was doubled. The size of the aquarium can be chosen as small or large. However, it should be remembered that the size of the aquarium depends on the size of the fish, the larger the aquarium, the more the fish grows. However, even a novice amateur marine fauna is not interested in breeding "living silver" of one species, so the question arises about the compatibility of the scalar with other fish.

In general, the scalars get along quite peacefully with other inhabitants of the aquarium. However, very often these beautiful fish become victims of aggressive neighbors. In the first place, such attacks suffer from fins. But sometimes they themselves play the role of attackers. In order to learn about the compatibility of scalars with other fish, you can use both special literature and your own observation. In any case, you need to do this carefully, so as not to injure all the inhabitants of the aquarium. Alternatively, you can use the table to determine the compatibility of the scalars with other fish. However, there are exceptions to the rules.

Compatibility of scalars and barbs

The table shows that the barbs and scalars have full compatibility. However, it is known that in practice barbs behave not very friendly. In a week, beautiful scalars can turn into plucked refugees. At what attacks can be carried out with an enviable regularity. However, there are also cases of peaceful coexistence and relative compatibility of the scalars and barbs. Fishes show tolerance towards each other.

Compatibility of scalars and neon

If to speak about compatibility of a scalar and a neon, here the situation can be exactly the opposite. Small neonchiki live in flocks and are based in the center of the aquarium closer to the bottom. However, sometimes you can miss one colorful little fish, and the whole fault will be scalars. In other cases, the scalars can be phlegmatically cut in the upper part of the aquarium without paying the slightest attention to the variegated babies.

Guppy and scalar compatibility

In the issue of compatibility between scalar and guppies, you need to put a fat minus. Since these two species can coexist peacefully only if the guppies are still fry. In this case, calm and, it is believed, fearful scalars will act good-naturedly towards them. However, as soon as the growing up process, phlegmatic flat fish become hunters on guppies. If you want to save teenagers life, then urgently otsazhivayte them in separate apartments.

It should be noted that in life there are always exceptions, despite scientific evidence, compatible fish can destroy each other, while at the same time as incompatible can live peacefully and peacefully in the neighborhood. In this there is nothing surprising with people, for example, it happens exactly the same.