What is Reamberin for?

In the list of medicines that the doctor recommended, did you find an unfamiliar name? Today we talk about what Reamberin is prescribed for, and also about all the beneficial properties of this drug and the contraindications to its use.

Indications for use Reamberner

The only possible way to use the drug Reamberin is a dropper. This pharmacological agent refers to complex medicines with a large number of medicinal properties:

All these functions make the scope of the drug very wide, it includes various types of intoxication of the body , liver disease, kidney, heart, internal infections.

Since Reamberin does not accumulate in the body, but is excreted during metabolic processes, its use has virtually no contraindications. - Reamberin should not be used for skull injuries that can cause cerebral edema and with individual sensitivity to N-methylammonium sodium succinate, its main active ingredient.

How to use Reamberin medicine?

Before starting the use of the drug, you should check whether there is any individual sensitivity to the patient. After that, the doctor calculates the necessary dose, the nurse heats the remedy to body temperature and injects a catheter into the vein. In emergency situations, there is often no time for these manipulations, in this case the responsibility for the possible consequences is borne by the medical personnel.

With alcohol intoxication Reamberin is appointed only if the patient's condition can be considered severe. In this case, a standard therapy scheme is used. Intravenously, Reamberin is administered by infusion at a rate of 60-90 drops per minute. Dosage is 200-400 ml per day, depending on the severity of the poisoning. The course of treatment is 1-2 days.

In psoriasis, Reamberin is used for a long time - for 10-14 days it is necessary to use 400 ml of the drug. It is recommended to take several such courses a year with a break of 3-4 months between them.

In oncology, Reamberin is rarely used, usually to relieve the patient's condition after undergoing chemotherapy. Dosage and treatment scheme is selected individually.

The maximum dose of medication for adults is 2 liters per day, the maximum rate of administration is 90 drops per minute.

In some cases, Reamberin may cause side effects:

Allergies can manifest any of the known symptoms of allergy, including anaphylactic shock.

Children need individual dosage, depending on age and weight. It is acceptable to use Reamberin at the age of more than 1 year.

When an overdose of the drug is sometimes possible a sharp drop in blood pressure. If this happens, it is necessary to stop the infusion immediately and allow the patient to rest. In most cases, the situation is normalized without the use of special tools.