Czech Sternberg

There are a lot of castles in the Czech Republic . Gothic and classical, built for defense and as suburban residences of the rulers, well preserved and lying in ruins - they all attract tourists with their ancient history, magnificent architecture and interesting legends. Some castles, such as the Czech Sternberg, can boast of an excellent location along with picturesque views. We will talk about this castle.


The main feature of the castle of Český Sternberg (or Český Šternberk) is that from the time it was founded and until now it belonged to only one family - the famous and old Sternberg family. The main milestones concerning the history of the castle are as follows:

  1. 1241 year is the foundation. The castle was built on the banks of the Sazava River, on a high cliff. Its name - Sternberg - is translated from German as a "star on the mountain". Czech, he is called because in the country there is another Sternberg, Moravian.
  2. XV century - to strengthen the defensive ability of the castle its walls were strengthened (their thickness is 1.5 m!), And on the south side the Gladomorny tower was erected. Today on its top there is an observation deck.
  3. 1664 - Václav Sternberg reconstructed the building in the early Baroque style.
  4. The middle of the XIX century - the castle was once again returned to its original Gothic appearance, and under its walls a splendid garden is broken.
  5. The Second World War - during this period, the castle, surprisingly, almost did not suffer. When the Germans occupied him, then, trying to preserve the valuable items of the collection, Jiri Sternberg folded them in the attic, covering them with old things. The invaders did not think to rummage in the trash, and most of the values ​​were saved.
  6. In 1949 the Czech Sternberg was nationalized, and its owner began to work here as a guide. Returned to him the castle only in 1989 due to the adoption of the law on restitution. Count Jiří Sternberg still lives here with his wife and sometimes he himself conducts excursions for visitors.

Legendary Gold

There is a castle and its own legend - it says about the gold, supposedly hidden in its surroundings. Once one of the Sternbergs, who at that time owned the castle, profitably sold his other palace, having rescued a whole trunk of gold. To protect him from the robbers, he divided the profits in half: he took one part with him, leaving, and the other left a faithful servant named Ginek. He was afraid that in the absence of the owner the castle could be robbed, and hid gold in the rocks near the Czech Sternberg. However, on the way back fell from his horse, heavily damaged his leg and quickly died, and not having time to tell the owner about exactly where the treasure was hidden. Since then, the castle beckons curious travelers also with the glitter of gold, visible through the prism of ancient tradition.

Architecture and interior

The Sternberg Castle seems to grow out of the rock, and its thick fortified walls give the building an even more massive, impressive view. On two sides, southern and northern, the castle is guarded by towers, in the east the Sazava river flows, and in the west a large ravine is stretched.

The beauty of the interior of the castle amazes even those who have been to the castles and residences of kings. The greatest interest for visitors is represented by:

Features of visit

For visits the castle is open all year round, from 9 am to 16 pm. The couple of Sternbergs occupy several rooms, the main part of the building, namely 15 rooms on the ground floor, decorated in the early Baroque style - this is a place for excursions and walks. You can only go here with a guide.

At the castle there is a cafe, souvenir shop and another interesting place - a shelter for wounded owls and eagle owls from the surrounding forests.

Czech Sternberg is a popular tourist attraction , and its visits are often combined with a tour of the castle of Kutna Hora - the distance between them is only about 40 km.

How to get to the castle of Český Sternberg?

This landmark of the Czech Republic lies in the vicinity of the city ​​of Benesov . You can get public transport , however travelers note that it is very inconvenient. From Prague, there are 2 buses from the bus station of Florence (departure time - 11:20 and 17:00). There is also a direct bus from Benesov.

If you are traveling by car from the capital, take the E50 (D1) road, after 40 km, take exit 41 and then onto road 111. After 4 km, see your goal - the castle of Český Sternberg.