How to memorize English words?

In order to learn any language, you need to love it, revel in it, enjoy the sound of every word. You can only learn that language that you like, and love, as you know, is not so difficult to awaken in yourself, especially when it comes to amorous women. The first advice how to memorize English words is given to you immediately - find yourself an idol, of English descent, listen, read and see how he / she speaks, and, of course, admire as much as possible.

Visual memory

There is a very effective way to remember many English words at once. It is used by truly professional tutors and teachers when dealing with students with advanced visual memory . As you know, most women remember with their eyes.

Take a word, for example: remuneration - which means reward.

Take also a sheet of paper, fold it and cut into squares about 3 × 3 cm. Write on the one side of the square our English word (by the way, when you learn it, you can rightfully be proud of yourself, because remuneration is a list of the most complex words of English ). On the reverse side of the translation into Russian.

Write in this way about 10 squares-leaves with different words - you must have a deck of cards in your hands. Now we come to the most fascinating - how easy it is to memorize English words: you read the English side of the leaf, turn it over, read the Russian side (all out loud !!!), put the leaf at the end of the deck and do the same with each square. Repeat this manipulation several times. Then shuffle the cards so that the English side is the first to go. Read the English version, and without peeping, pronounce his translation into Russian. Have passed all the pack - shuffle so that now the first went the Russian side. Read the word in Russian, without spying, translate independently into English.

Bonus will be, if all this you will do it out loud. So you will learn not only how to quickly memorize English words, but also untie the language, that is, you will accustom yourself to what you say in English.

Auditory memory

Now the second stage, how to correctly memorize English words by ear. First of all, it is necessary for those who have more developed auditory memory, but also "visual" English learners also need to train the perception by ear, because it is important not only to learn to speak, but also to understand what they tell you.

For such cases, there are programs for downloading to your computer and smartphones. The bottom line is to listen to movies, clips with subtitles, and also to train the reproduction of individual words and phrases.

List of programs:

Try not to use online dictionaries, but heavy, printed Talmuds, because the search for a word on the pages of the dictionary leads to its memorization, and the word found online miraculously disappears in a moment.