Animal fats

Animal fats have a terrible reputation, but for the most part it's just a myth. Fats, including saturated fats, taken from properly grown animals, do not cause heart disease, cancer, increased cholesterol, obesity and all the rest in this spirit. The study "The Role of Meat Fat in the Human Diet" from the series "Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition" confirms that the damage to animal fats is greatly exaggerated.

Benefit and harm of animal fat

A study of a group of Japanese scientists led by Dr. Shiraishi reports that beef fat can increase the effectiveness of conjugated linoleic acid in the fight against breast cancer. There are also works that prove that beef fat is better than sunflower oil, helps to assimilate vitamin A , and that beef fat reduces the risk of liver damage in alcoholics.

It became known that saturated fats play an important role in strengthening the body: they help strengthen the immune system, the bone system, ensure the energy and structural integrity of cells, and metabolize essential fatty acids. Most importantly: the composition of animal fats include substances that reduce cholesterol and strengthen the heart muscles. Therefore, a diet without animal fats can increase the risk of heart disease.

By the way, before the discovery of insulin, the only way to treat diabetes was a diet with a very high fat content and zero carbohydrate content. Saturated fats do not cause insulin resistance. It is caused by trans fats, and their people, unfortunately, are often confused with saturated fats.

Many people have heard about the dangers of animal fats, but at the moment scientists are conducting research that should confirm or disprove the recommendations of dieticians of the XX century. Therefore, modern nutritionists recommend not to make hasty conclusions. If you are still afraid of negative consequences, you can simply try a diet with a reasonable restriction of animal fats.

Animal fats on our table

What are the other arguments for bringing back to our diet undeservedly forgotten fat and smalets?

  1. Usually they are cheaper than the coconut or olive oil that is so popular now.
  2. A spoonful of any animal fats will give you an excellent energy boost for the whole day.
  3. It is delicious. Soybean and rapeseed oil are not just harmful; they are a crime against our taste buds. The culture of cooking is also an experiment with a variety of fats.

We remind you that before using pure animal fat, it should be treated: heat it to melt, and all the impurities have floated upward.