Peanut butter paste at home

For fans of the original taste of peanut butter we will tell you today how to prepare such a delicacy at home. The product, prepared by hand, undoubtedly dominates the purchased one, since it is completely devoid of various additives that are unnecessary to our body, often not the most useful.

How to make peanut paste at home - recipe



The technological process of preparing peanut butter is simple and does not require special skills or skills. The only condition for its successful implementation is the presence in the kitchen arsenal of a powerful blender with a stationary bowl. If you have one, the result will no doubt be positive.

Peanuts for pasta can, of course, take and already fried and brushed, but it is better to prepare it yourself from raw raw materials. Pour it on a baking sheet in a small layer and send the minutes for ten to fifteen for drying and frying in a preheated to 180 degree oven. Every five minutes, the nuts must be mixed for even blush.

Now we free the peanut kernels from the husk. This is easy to do by simply wiping them between two palms. We put the peeled peanuts in the blender's container and grind until very fine crumbs are obtained. At this stage, we lay honey or sugar powder, throw a pinch of salt, pour in vegetable oil without fragrance and break through the contents of the device's capacity to the cream texture.

The resulting peanut paste is transferred to a jar and placed in the refrigerator for storage.

Home-made peanut butter and sugar paste



Authentic taste of peanut butter does not contain any kind of additives. Its homogeneous texture is achieved not by adding honey, sugar or oil, but by long-term blender treatment before the peanut butter separates, which will then turn the nut crumb into a paste.

To prepare the original paste without additives, peanuts, as in the previous case, dried and fried in an oven at a temperature of 180 degrees for ten to fifteen minutes. From the duration of heat treatment, the final color and, accordingly, the taste of peanut butter will depend directly.

Roasted nuts are removed from the shell and put into a blender vessel. We punch the mass in the device until the cream consistency of the product is obtained. Pure taste of the paste can be supplemented if desired with chocolate, make it salty or sweet, adding pieces of chocolate, salt or honey to the cup of the device with the finished paste and punching the contents until smooth.

Peanut butter paste at home with peanut butter



The most useful peanut paste with a rich nutty taste and cream consistency can be done with the addition of peanut butter. To do this, we prepare peanuts, taking into account the above recommendations in previous recipes, frying it in the oven and ridding it of the husks. After that, add the nuts to the blender's container, add salt, honey and peanut butter and process the contents of the bowl of the device to the maximum possible uniformity. Depending on the capabilities of the device, this may take from five to fifteen minutes.

With what do peanut butter eat?

Peanut butter is good with toasted in fresh bread or unsweetened crackers. Many gourmets are complemented with peanut butter paste pieces of fresh fruit, and also add it to ice cream, into various desserts, sauces and even introduce this ingredient into meat dishes.

In addition, there are many recipes for baking with peanut butter, which transforms the taste of products beyond recognition and turns them into real confectionery masterpieces.