Outdoor games

Children of different ages spend much of their time in the game. In the summer season, as well as in the good autumn-spring weather, the children really like to play on the street, especially since such pastime allows them to splash out the energy accumulated during the day. In this article we offer to your attention several interesting outdoor games for children to organize them in the open air, which boys and girls of different ages will surely like.

Outdoor games for preschool children

For children who do not go to school, the following active games for organizing on the street are better than others:

  1. "My cheerful, sonorous ball!". All the guys stand in a circle, holding hands, and one of them, who was chosen as the lead, occupies a place in the center of this circle. The task of the lead is to roll the ball out of the circle, and all the other players - do not let him do it. At the same time, the ball can only be kicked, it is strictly forbidden to touch it with hands on the conditions of the game. In the event that the facilitator succeeded in achieving the goal, the player who missed the ball takes his place, and the game continues.
  2. "Burners". All participants of the game are divided into pairs and stand in a column, and the host is placed opposite, facing them. Children say in a sing-song the following words:
  3. "Burn, it's clear,

    To not go out!

    Stand on the hem,

    Look at the field.

    They go there trumpeters

    Yes, eat kalachi.

    Look at the sky:

    The stars are burning,

    Cranes shout:

    -Gu-gu, I'll run away,

    One, two,

    Do not croak,

    And run like a fire! "

    After uttering this verse, the participants of the last pair uncouple their hands and quickly run to the very beginning of the column from different sides. In doing so, the presenter tries to tarnish them. If both players managed to reach the goal and take the place of the first pair in the column, the game continues. If the facilitator was able to tarnish one of the guys, this participant takes his place and the game begins again.

  4. "Salsky is a monkey." This kind of ordinary specks is extremely popular among preschool children. Its essence lies in the fact that the leader catches up with the escaping player, who constantly changes the mode of movement, while the driver himself does exactly the same.

Summer outdoor outdoor games for schoolchildren

For schoolchildren of different ages, including teenagers, the following outdoor outdoor games are suitable:

  1. "Two rings." On the ground with the help of a stick or a chalk draw 2 rings, the diameter of one of which significantly exceeds the diameter of the other. Circles are located one in the other. The participants of the game are allowed to be only inside the small ring or outside, outside the big one. The task of each player is to stay on the acceptable territory, but at the same time to force the others to step on the restricted area.
  2. "Water paintball." All participants are divided into 2 teams, each of which has the same number of players. With the help of water weapons, teams compete in who will quickly wet their rivals.
  3. "Merry Hunting". At the beginning of this game, participants choose a "boar" - a goal that must be struck while hunting. The other guys are divided into 2 teams, each of which receives bright stickers of different colors. The task of the "wild boar" is to escape from the "hunters" so that no one manages to besiege it. Other players should by any means catch up with the victim and stick to it a sticker of their color. The winner is the team that managed to attach more stickers.
  4. "Jumping through a log." Initially, the role of a "log" is selected one of the participants, who will simply lie and not move. The task of the remaining players is to jump as fast as possible through the "log" in different directions, trying not to let the rest of the guys do it.
  5. "Bring the egg." This game is conducted on the principle of relay race. All players are divided into 2 teams, each of which receives a tablespoon and a few raw chicken eggs. Captains of both teams take a spoon in their teeth and put one egg in them, after which they go to the set goal for a distance of at least 5 meters. You can not touch the inventory with your hands! After the captain has achieved his goal, he passes the spoon to the next player, whose task becomes similar.