Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeykis became parents

Actors Olivia and Jason became happy parents for the second time. Most recently, Otis Alexander's son appeared in their family, and in the spring of this year they announced that Olivia was pregnant the second time. Surprisingly, daughter Daisy Josephine appeared on the holiday - International Daughters Day, the actress even noted it in Instagram:

"Daisy Josephine Sudeikis. Born as a boss "

Olivia Wilde placed a touching picture of a baby sleeping on a funny big pillow in the form of a lamb, which caused a lot of compliments and congratulations.

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The actress insanely loves her first-born and often shares in Instagram comic photos. For example, a year and a half Otis traveled through the contents of the closet and tried on a bra as a headdress. Olivia with humor refers to such things and shared with subscribers, adding the signature:

"Oh, bra"

The portfolio of 2-year-old Otis has a lot of funny pictures, from visiting the dentist to playing with a loving mother. Olivia shines and receives great pleasure from domestic and maternal joys, and looks at pranks with great love.