Snickers for girls

Young fashionistas try in everything to be like adults, copying not only the manner of behavior, but also the style of clothing. Interest in shoes with high heels appears in girls early enough, when the foot has not yet completely formed. Conscious parents do not go on about the adolescents, not allowing to damage the health of the feet with shoes on the heels. But banning young coquettees is something that is a direct way to a conflict that nobody needs. There is an excellent alternative that will suit both parents and schoolgirl. We are talking about such trend shoes, as sneakers, snickers, which for girls are the object of desire. The fact is that this footwear became popular a few years ago, but in each new season the sneakers do not give up their positions. Idols of millions of teenagers wear snickers in everyday life, so the popularity of this footwear only increases. What young fashionista does not want to wear the same shoes as Rihanna, Britney Spears or Jennifer Lopez?

Models of teenage sneakers

Initially, the athletic shoes Sneakers had a flat sole, but for teenage girls and older women, designers developed a more stylish model on the wedge. These shoes are not suitable for playing sports, but it is an ideal everyday option that fits into the popular casual style . For girls, snickers on a platform or a wedge are a great way to visually increase growth, make the silhouette slimmer, stand out from the crowd of contemporaries. The advantage of this footwear is the correct position of the foot, which can not but rejoice the parents.

Teenage snickers for girls are shoes, which is a kind of symbol of street fashion. If this footwear is considered familiar and women do not cause special admiration, then in a teenage environment, snickers (arrowroots, snickers) are a sign of awareness in the trends. Schoolgirls often wear sneakers, which are difficult to call feminine. Snickers also allow you to look more feminine and attractive in sports or casual clothing. They are surprisingly combined with dresses, and with trousers.

Such shoes are good because it can be worn at any time of the year. If summer snickers for girls can be made of perforated leather or breathable textiles, the winter models are insulated with artificial or natural fur, felt or sheared wool. In color solutions, there are no restrictions. Snickers can be both monochrome and multi-colored.

Fashionable images

A win-win option is a combination of snickers with skinny jeans, tight trousers or leggings. Similar bows can be seen on the streets of the city most often, because they allow you to feel free and comfortable. The top can be both bulky and tight. If the girl wants to look more feminine and gentle, you should choose blouses and turtlenecks that emphasize the waistline. A free sweatshirt, an airy blouse or a wide checkered shirt of a man's cut will make the image playful, fervent, somewhat hooliganistic. But even with dresses, such shoes can look harmonious. It is not necessary to choose sports knitted models. Light romantic chiffon dresses, which are so fond of teenage girls, with Snicers are also combined well. Such combinations within the urban style are considered acceptable, so you should not worry. If we also take into account the fact that adolescent girls like to stand out, the advantages of snickers are obvious. With such shoes it's easy to be in the center of attention, while remaining in the trend.