Short shorts - what are they and who are they suitable for?

Short shorts are a necessary thing for women's wardrobe, which provides comfort of wearing and gives the opportunity to compose an interesting bow. This season, this is one of the most popular trends, which is presented in different versions.

Who are short shorts?

A fashionable version of trousers can not afford to all the fair sex. The fact is that the length of the mini maximally bare feet, so the excessively plump lower limbs in short shorts will not decorate the figure, but make it unattractive. However, girls with beautiful legs simply have to flaunt in the truncated models, to cause aesthetic pleasure among others.

But seriously, women's shorts are almost everyone, but it is important to take into account the features of the constitution:

  1. The ladies with an apple shape are recommended to have an overstretched waistline that distracts from the problem zone and allocates the waist.
  2. Mods, with their shoulders prevailing over the hips, are shown lush models with three-dimensional decorative elements.
  3. Volumetric thighs visually reduce short wide shorts with lapels at the bottom of the Bermuda type.
Fashionable bows with short shorts

Short shorts on full girls

Shortened shorts - a controversial topic in the wardrobe pyshechek. Some beauties do not consider it shameful to demonstrate the charms in such provocative clothes, to the annoyance of those who are convinced of the unacceptability of this kind of thing on the full body. And if you rank yourself in the first category, then in order not to look unseemly, consider several features of choosing short shorts for mouth-watering pysachek.

The recommendations are simple:

  1. The best length for full ladies is 10-12 cm above the knee line, approximately at the middle of the thigh. In this model, the frequent accompanying full figure of cellulite is not visible.
  2. Ultra short mini - absolute taboo for fashionistas with luxurious forms.
  3. The width of the pants is an important criterion of choice. Tight short shorts on full legs will draw attention to the excessive volume in this problem area. Therefore, it is better to give preference to products with slightly loose trousers.
  4. With a full belly, you should not choose a model with a low waist, which will help emphasize the folds on the abdomen.
  5. Large trim does not play in favor of excess weight, so avoid large overhead pockets, bows, embroideries, patches and prints.
Short shorts on full girls

Fashion short shorts

An interesting alternative to a mini skirt, short shorts occupy a special niche in the women's wardrobe. They give more freedom of movement, and there is no need to make sure that the hem does not go above a decent one. In addition, fashionable women's short shorts well outline the fifth point and slender legs. They are referred to clothing for any occasion - in daily bows , for sports training and even for club images.

In this season, the range of styles is interesting and non-trivial. In addition to traditional species, which do not lose popularity (for example, denim or sports models), the following variations are relevant:

  1. Skirt-shorts - a bright trend, which won the hearts of women of fashion originality.
  2. Short high shorts are another mandatory this year.
  3. Sports models, used not only for training, but also as a base for onions in the style of sport-chic.
Fashion short shorts

Denim short shorts

For several seasons in a row jeans models were undesirably shifted from the fashion pedestal to the background, but the coming summer returned them leading positions. Designers with a double zeal create interesting collections in which no pair can be called ordinary and boring:

  1. Still in the course of the model with scuffs and flaw.
  2. Fashionable this year, bright embroidery is applicable to jeans. As an option - appliqu├ęs and patches.
  3. Interesting is the untreated bottom of the pants with fringe, as if it appeared from self-cut trousers.
  4. Less aggressive option - finishing beads, rhinestones and lace.
  5. The boyfriends are still relevant, along with the classic cut.
Denim short shorts

Short shorts with high waist

An interesting trend that came to us from the 80's and 90's, again in the course! We have already lost the habit of wearing shorts and trousers above the navel, it's time to remember them. This model allows you to hide the protruding tummy and visually extend the legs, which is important for girls with low growth. Materials from which short shorts with a high waist are made, the most diverse:

The variety of styles and styles in which models with an overstated waist are executed, will allow any fashionista to pick up a suitable model. For defiantly chic images, products with a number of regular buttons or decorated with a spectacular wide belt are ideal. Jeans are good for every day. Short shorts of suit fabric or tweed can be used in business cajun.

Short shorts with high waist

Short sports shorts

Shortened models for sports are ideal for sports in the summer, when extra centimeters will only interfere. The length of the mini is a great way to show the surrounding podkachennye legs without a gram of fat. One of the popular models is a dolphin with rounded edges on the side of the pants and interesting inserts. Sports shorts for girls are made of cotton, knitwear, polyester, raincoat, velvet. Actively used decoration in the form of lanterns, corporate patches, cant. The color scheme is represented by both dark tones and bright shades.

Short tight shorts

If you are a happy owner of a chiseled figure or chic sports forms, boldly replenish your wardrobe with tight fitting models. True, the scope of such clothes is limited: they can be safely put on the gym, for a walk or outdoor recreation. Denim models are good for dating, crusading shopping or meeting with friends. Short black shorts - an excellent base for the most colorful T-shirts and tunics. Colored products require more careful selection of the top, although you can play neatly in contrast.

Short tight shorts

Short beach shorts

Beach fashion is unique and the pest, so preparing a wardrobe for the resort, do not forget to grab comfortable shorts. They are distinguished by the brightness of the colors, colorful prints and the production of quick-drying materials. White short shorts are preferred by those who have already acquired a mind-blowing tan and wish to shade it in an elegant way. If we talk about styles, they are in many respects in common with sports shorts - for example, dolphins. Popular:

Short beach shorts

Short skirt-shorts

Those who prefer a feminine and refined style in their style will like the topical panties this year, or a short skirt . The originality of this kind of thing is that it looks like you are in a skirt, and only behind can you see that there are lovely shorts on you. Variations in which this version of shortened trousers are presented are diverse - this applies to both the type of fabric and the cut.

Pantaloons can be worn in the cold season, if they are made of tweed / wool, or in summer, if it is chiffon / cotton / silk / linen. Demand very short shorts with a colorful design - vegetable, floral, animalistic , polka dots. For elegant images ideal monochrome models in black, white, beige, sand or powder. Beautiful and romantic lace cuvettes.

Short skirt-shorts

With what to wear short shorts?

Shorts are an interesting subject of women's wardrobe, which needs careful selection of accompaniment, so as not to look vulgar:

  1. If the shorts are tight, then according to the latest fashion trends, the top should be semi-adjacent or wide, for example, sweaters or oversize blouses, with flounces, open shoulders.
  2. Wide shorts, like cuvettes, require a tight top, blouse or shirt.
  3. Fashionable short denim shorts are democratic, so they are interesting for interesting T-shirts, T-shirts, including shortened ones. Do not forget about the white top for the summer.
  4. On cooler days it is better to supplement the image with a jacket-bomb, a scythe or a denim model.
  5. You can also experiment with an elongated sleeveless jacket.
  6. In the cold season under shorts you can and should wear tight pantyhose .
  7. With stilettos, a jacket and a clutch comes an elegantly-street image.
Fashionable images with short shorts

Short shorts and top

In this fashionable season, the top regains its leading position, so designers create beautiful models in the style of kazhual, romantic and even business. The combination of top and shorts is a separate song, in which complete harmony can be achieved:

  1. Short torn shorts are interesting even with the most simple monophonic top on straps.
  2. Top can be worn on top of shorts, fully tucked or worn with carelessness, refueling from one side.
  3. A democratic top can be worn with high heels and a jacket.
  4. Elegant cuvettes are good with a top in linen style and a jacket.
  5. Girls with an ideal tummy can try to combine short high shorts with a crochet-top.
Short shorts and top

Shoes for shorts

The range of shoes, combined with short models, is unusually wide. Very short women's shorts are best worn with moccasins, sneakers or goateas. As an option - sneakers on a high platform. For the beach image it is worth getting some sandals-gladiators , sandals or slaps. A smart image requires a high heel, stud or platform. Do not forget about the beautiful clutch and massive ornaments. Short shorts in the cold period are perfectly combined with actual boots-stockings or boots, ankle boots or massive boots.

Stylish bows with short shorts