How to draw Luntika?

Parents want their children to grow up into harmonious individuals and pay attention to both physical and creative development. Drawing is one of the activities that can attract a child of any age and help him show his potential and imagination. Children usually draw animals, family, flowers, cars, toys. Many people like to portray characters of their favorite cartoons.

One of the popular heroes of animated series is Luntik. This cute creature from the Moon on Earth has found faithful friends and family. He fell in love with many children. Parents can tell them how to draw Luntik in stages. This occupation not only diversifies family leisure, but also will please the young lovers of this wonderful animated series.

How can I draw Luntika?

You can consider 2 ways to image a character. Each mother can choose a method that she likes. Parents can offer such an interesting occupation to the child after viewing the next series.

Option 1

  1. Start drawing should be from the head, which must be depicted in a form that resembles a trapezoid. And this should be done smoothly.
  2. Next, you can draw a short neck, legs, trunk, which should expand slightly below, as well as handles and legs.
  3. Now an important stage, which will please all children who are interested in how to draw Luntika. Now it's time to portray the ears of this unusual hero.
  4. It is necessary to pay attention to the details. The guys probably know very well what Luntik looks like, that is why they will gladly take care of the design of his face. We must not forget about the eyes, eyebrows, cheeks.
  5. Let the kid continue to deal with details, for example, draw a nose, mouth, fingers.
  6. At the final stage, you should draw a spot on the tummy of Luntik.

This picture can be painted with colored pencils or markers. You can simply save it for memory, hang it on a wall or give it.

Option 2

You can suggest another way to portray your favorite cartoon. This option assumes that it is geometry that will help you figure out how easy it is to draw Luntika.

  1. First you need to draw a circle, divide it with thin axes so that you get 4 identical sectors.
  2. Now more dense pressing of a pencil to put the image of a head so that it turned out symmetric.
  3. Now you need to gently erase the eraser parts of the circle (do not touch the axis yet), and also depict a small neck.
  4. In each of the upper sectors, you need to draw a round eye, eyebrows. Draw a spout at the bottom.
  5. Next, you need to show the mouth, cheeks, spots on the face of the character.
  6. Now let the kid himself try to remove the axis of symmetry with the eraser. Even if he does not succeed, his mother can always fix it.
  7. It's time to finish the contours of the ears. The child himself will cope with this issue.
  8. You also need to pay attention to the details of the ears.
  9. Of course, you need to put a part of the trunk with your hands, as well as the shell of the egg shell, from which Luntik peeks out.
  10. At the final stage, let the child add such an important detail as a spot on his tummy. If the kid forgot how it looks exactly, you can always refresh it in memory by watching a clip of the cartoon.

It is important to monitor the observance of symmetry, and also remember that the face of Luntik should be friendly and nice.

A child can paint a picture by himself. It's also interesting to add a background. Knowing different ways how to draw Luntik in pencil, perhaps, children will want to share them with friends or relatives.