Breed of cats exot

This breed, which fully justifies its name. Whatever one may say, the first meeting with a cat is impossible without a smile and emotion. The breed of cats is a plush exotic recognizable by its structure of muzzle, its flat form and large eyes.

Exotic features: cat care

For all its expensive breed of cats, exot is considered to be one of the most popular. This animal with affectionate and gentle character, while the cat remains mobile and inquisitive. Even after the appearance of a new resident in the house, the cat will not kindle the fire of the war and will meet him in quite a friendly manner. The pet prefers to spend time with his master, sleep with him and follow everywhere, which resembles the behavior of a dog. Consider the main points about the characteristics of this breed.

  1. According to the characteristics of breed exotics, it is a safe cat even for families with small children. The cat rarely turns to a loud scream, it's incredibly loyal and almost always quiet animals.
  2. In many respects the characteristics of the breed are similar to the description of Persian cats. But here the hair is much shorter, although its color varies widely from white to black and red. Surprisingly, this animal can be offended, although it will not take revenge on you on the carpet .
  3. As for the characteristics of the breed, namely, care, then it is important to work on the fur of cats in time with a puffer, remove deposits in the eyes and ears of exotics. With regard to feeding, it is preferably divided in half: one part is good dry food , the second is meat and fish. This breed is characterized by its propensity for quick weight gain, but they are reluctant to relinquish excess, so it is strictly forbidden to overfeed a cat.
  4. And finally, due to the structure of the muzzle, exot breed cats have trouble breathing. This is due to a short nasal septum. Also it is necessary to be afraid of diseases of kidneys and heart.