Pareos for the beach - how beautiful to tie and fashionable to wear?

The finest pareos for the beach can protect the body from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays and, in addition, replace the stylish summer outfit. It can have different variations and color shades, so each girl can easily find the right option for herself.

Pareo 2017

Fashion pareo 2017 can be very diverse. At the height of popularity are models of thin or dense fabric, elongated and shortened versions, as well as a pareo-transformer, from which you can create several trendy outfits. Depending on how to tie this product, it can be used not only for rest on the shore of the reservoir, but also for walking along the embankment, meeting with friends or even a romantic date.

Pareo 2017

Fashionable beach pareo

Due to a wide variety of beachwear options, each fair sex representative can look perfect in any situation. Although most girls choose the usual pareo headscarf, in fact, there are many other kinds of this cape that allow you to create stylish and sexually attractive images.

Fashionable beach pareo

Knitted pareo

Beautiful and original knitted pareos for the beach can be tied by yourself, and for this you do not need to have special skills of needlework. In addition, it can be purchased and ready-made, as a huge number of fashion brands produces these comfortable and attractive products, additionally decorated with rhinestones, beads, lace and other ways.

Pareos on shoulder-straps

Initially, a pareo for the beach did not imply the presence of a strapless, because it looked like an ordinary handkerchief. You can tie it in different ways , thereby getting a semblance of dress, skirt, top or even overalls. Meanwhile, over time the shape of this little thing has changed noticeably. Designers have come up with many different ways and tweaks, which made it possible to make summer pareos as comfortable and comfortable as possible.

So, for today on sale quite often it is possible to meet парео with stringings which carry out function of straps. With their help, the handkerchief is securely fixed on the shoulders, so that its owner can not worry about the safety of her outfit. In addition, such ties allow you to adjust the length and height of the garment, thereby making it suitable for growth and size.


Almost weightless pareo-grid for the beach allows young and slender girls to demonstrate to the people around the delights of their young body. This thing is not recommended for women with excess kilograms, as it draws attention to problem areas and presents them in a disadvantageous light. In addition, the reticulum can cause uneven sunburn, so finding it on the beach during the maximum activity of ultraviolet rays is highly discouraged.

Meanwhile, this product is unusually popular with young girls and older women. Especially good looks black pareo, which is a grid with a lot of small cells. In this outfit you can safely go for a walk along the embankment, adding it with comfortable sandals on a flat sole and an original hat .

Pareos with sleeves

Beautiful pareos can have different features that bring them closer to dresses. So, some models are additionally equipped with sleeves, which in most cases are created from special pieces of fabric. This detail has a number of advantages due to which it is appreciated by the fair sex. So, the sleeves make it possible to hide the fat hand and protect the delicate skin from the effects of ultraviolet rays.

A long pareo for the beach

Pareo-maxi for the beach is extremely convenient. It protects from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays the maximum body area, so it is often chosen by light-skinned girls who can easily get burnt. In addition, most of the fair sex people like the feeling that arises when a long female pareo of chiffon or silk streams through the body, obeying the breeze of the coastal breeze.

How to tie a pareo?

Ways how to tie a pareo, there is a great variety. If desired, this little thing can replace a stylish and attractive dress, a fashionable summer skirt, a short top or a light cloak. Depending on what tasks are assigned to the beach pareos, it can cover the large or minimal part of the body from the sun or be used directly during bathing.


The long pareos for the beach in most cases are tied in one of several ways that you can get a fashionable dress. You can achieve this by various methods, for example:

Pareo skirt

The most common way to wear a pareo is to fix it at the hip level. This produces a comfortable skirt, which can have different lengths depending on the original size of the shawl. This outfit is absolutely not suitable for visiting a cafe or restaurant, since the upper part of it remains practically naked, however, for a walk along the embankment or rest on the shore, it can be safely used.

Pareo tunic

Some ways of tying pareos allow you to get from it a beautiful and original tunic. So, for example, you can use any method to create a dress for this, only in this case the loose ends of the handkerchief must be left to hang freely. In addition, to create this item of women's wardrobe can be as follows:

  1. Arrange the fabric from the back and pull the ends forward.
  2. Slightly twist the ends, wind them around the neck and tie them in a knot.

Depending on the length and size of the material, using this simple but very original method, you will get a beautiful crochet top, a comfortable tunic or an exquisite dress. This thing looks especially good when its length reaches approximately the middle of the thigh. You can complement it with elegant sandals with straps wrapped around your feet, flip-flops on a flat sole or sandals on a high platform.

How to tie a pareo on his head?

Beach pareo can also be used to protect the head from the scorching sun. For this, a small handkerchief, about 90 by 90 centimeters in size, is best suited. You can build a hat like a turban from it, observing the following sequence of actions:

  1. Fold the square of the fabric diagonally or make a triangle from it in any other way.
  2. Place the triangle on the head so that its top is on the forehead.
  3. The two remaining corners are crossed on the forehead and knotted.
  4. Finish the ends and hide behind the "turban". For decorative design and better fastening use a brooch .

Top of the pareo

A short pareo can be wrapped around the body, getting a stylish, attractive and comfortable top. For this, girls and women use different methods - fixing the ends of the scarf around the neck, in the form of a bow located behind or in the chest, and others. Depending on the length and size of the material, the thus obtained top can only cover the bust and expose the waistline or reach the level of the hips.