Modern fashion is quite diverse: designers draw inspiration from nature, ancient culture, the style of past centuries. This trend was also avoided by summer shoes: stylish women's sandals-gladiators are at the peak of popularity among the fair sex for several years. In what their success and what to wear sandals-gladiators, we will tell further.

Sandals-gladiators - the trend of summer number 1

Once upon a time such sandals were part of a men's suit, but, having undergone significant changes, now this kind of footwear is one of the most popular not only among young people, but also in older women.

It's no secret that every woman likes to experiment and surprise others, and such daring footwear with a lot of straps and rivets can really shock in the pleasant sense of the word. But why combine them to make the right impression? Let's consider some basic summer images:

  1. One of the most stylish and feminine bows is a combination of a short light dress and high sandals-gladiators. Since the summer obliges to look fresh and airy, the coloring should also be appropriate. With fashionable gold or silvery gladiators, the best look will be a dress of turquoise, soft coral, cream shades. In general, any pastel palette will be appropriate. And you can complete the image with stylish accessories - a small handbag over your shoulder, glasses, hat. In different combinations, the bow will look different, but it's always great!
  2. Very defiantly and youthfully look gladiators in combination with short shorts. It is important to note that to create a more peaceful image it is better to choose low sandals. Instead of shorts, you can also put on your favorite denim overalls. To make the bow even more interesting and attractive, you can dilute it with a jacket or jacket.
  3. To create an image in the ethno-style of the best option than the fashionable boots of sandal-gladiators, not to find. They look great with clothes made in the same style, with fringe elements, which can also be on sandals. An important element in this bow is the loose, slightly curly hair, which becomes the finishing touch in the formation of a stylish image.