Plasticine cartoons

Perhaps there is no child who is indifferent to cartoons. Yes, and adults, sometimes, do not mind watching a quality animated story. Very interesting plasticine cartoons, which, unfortunately, are often underestimated. But life in the plasticine world more like the real. In this article we will advise the most famous plasticine cartoons and tell you how they are created.

Plasticine cartoons that are worth seeing

One of the favorite Soviet animated films of adults and children is still "Last year's snow fell." Behind a simple plot is hidden a serious idea - the unity of man with nature, with a small homeland. In it, the character of a simple Russian person is well revealed. Your child will not yet appreciate the profound meaning of this masterpiece, but he will necessarily like the hero himself, his ridiculous actions and funny speech, as well as secondary characters - a hare, a crow and a pike.

Among the Soviet cartoons of plasticine, I would like to highlight "Brack!". Sit down comfortably in front of the screens - you are waiting for an incredible fight with a real heat of passion, excellent shooting technique. This cartoon came out funny, fervent and, despite the absence of clearly fashioned details, realistic.

In the cartoon-musical "Gray Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood" there are grotesque and good songs. There are many parodies-references to other children's works: "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", "Aibolit", "Crocodile Gena". Very small viewers do not understand the cartoon, so it is recommended to teenagers from 11 years old.

Interesting and modern cartoons from plasticine of Russian and foreign production. In the full-length animated film "The Ugly Duckling" there are no bright colors, which children are so used to, but it will amaze your family with quality-molded characters, a touching storyline and beautiful classical music. The main advantage of the cartoon is not technical execution, but the creation of images - the chicken, the cock and the duckling have their own individual characteristics, according to which their character is unmistakably guessed.

The full-length cartoon "Escape from the chicken coop" tells how birds try to escape from the terrible chicken coops, reminiscent of prison barracks. But all attempts were in vain until a cheerful cock appeared on the farm. Plasticine animation here is very high-quality, the characters are realistic, and the jokes are colorful.

How do plasticine cartoons?

White clay and paraffin - that's what makes working material - plasticine. The warmth of the hands turns it into real masterpieces - plasticine men, trees, animals, etc. First the prototype of the protagonist is done. On the "multstane" it starts to "move." For example, he should raise his hand. First, the operator removes a plasticine little man with a lowered hand, then lifts it by several millimeters - takes the frame again in this position, another one millimeter. And so several times. The last movement is the hand above. The captured frames are recorded on the computer. When viewing them we will see a continuous raising of the hand - so remove any cartoon movement.

The hardest part is getting the doll to talk. She must have a moving mouth. The creators of the hero work on it. On the letter "a" the mouth opens as much as possible when the doll says "y" - the lips are folded into a tube. And so every sound. What a laborious job!

After the protagonist, scenery and other characters are created. Artists put on them the paint of the right color. Then the multipliers go to the installation. Each frame consists of several layers - front, middle and background. They are removed in advance and connected in one frame - this is how a three-dimensional picture is obtained. There can be up to 12 such layers in one frame.

Creation of plasticine cartoons for children is really labor-intensive. The production of a 15-minute cartoon can take a whole year.

If you are interested in plasticine characters and their lives, then below we offer a list of Soviet, Russian and foreign plasticine cartoons.

List of animated films

  1. Why did the kitten go away (USSR, 1957).
  2. The plasticine crow (USSR, 1981).
  3. Vincent (USA, 1982).
  4. Last year's snow fell (USSR, 1083).
  5. Tyap-lyap, painters (USSR, 1984).
  6. Breck! (USSR, 1985).
  7. Gray Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood (USSR, 1990).
  8. The Cat in Boots (Russia, 1995).
  9. Gambi (USA, 1995).
  10. Escape from the chicken coop (USA, 2000).
  11. In the animal world, 2 seasons (Great Britain, 2003, 2005).
  12. Wallace and Gromit: The curse of a werewolf rabbit (Great Britain, USA, 2005).
  13. The Ugly Duckling (Russia, 2010).
  14. Snow adventures of Solana and Ludwig (Norway, 2013).

So, in the article we looked at how to create cartoons from plasticine for children and offered your attention the most famous of them. Pleasant family viewing!