How to destroy bedbugs in an apartment?

Bedbugs are one of the most unpleasant neighbors in the house, which can be seen both in the countryside and in any of the townspeople. The most important thing is not to panic as this trouble can be solved, knowing how to properly destroy bedbugs in an apartment.

Fighting bugs in the apartment

To effectively combat these insects, you need to know, in the first place, where the bugs live in the apartment. These parasites usually prefer to live in bed, upholstered in furniture, in carpets, behind skirting boards, but not far from the bed of a person the way they eat with his blood.

There are many options to combat these parasites, for example, with the help of a specialized disinfection service. Nobody knows better than them methods of fighting these parasites.

Chemical means are another way to destroy these insects. The most commonly used are Carbophos, Executioner, GET, Tetrix, Combat, Forsyth, Fufanon.

Today, one of the most affective and popular means against bedbugs is the temperature treatment of the room. Bugs are sensitive to temperature changes (they do not tolerate temperatures below -18 ° C and above + 48 ° C), so with the right approach to heat treatment at home, you can get a good result. For example, you need to take the furniture out to freeze or pour hot water on the habitat of parasites.

Less effective, but also less expensive means from bedbugs - national, its application is much more safe than chemical, but it can not give the expected result. In this case, you need to decompose the wormwood and tansy next to the skirting boards throughout the apartment, the smell of these herbs will scare away the insects.

Also, you can try to get rid of bedbugs mechanically, that is, vacuuming the apartment (though, the dust bag in the vacuum cleaner should be disposable).