Fashion Jewelry, Costume Jewelry - Trends 2016

Of course, the choice of jewelry and jewelry is a matter of personal taste, but in this matter it is worthwhile to focus on fashion trends. Fortunately, the fashion of 2016 is quite loyal, therefore jewelry can be made in any style and from any materials. Now, to any image, every woman of fashion can choose the right thing, perfectly matching her individual style, inner self and fashion trends.

Actual tendencies in costume jewelery

The trends of 2016 are so diverse that fashionable jewelry and costume jewelery are presented in almost all known styles. However, some things designers designate the leading role. And the leaders are ornaments in the style of Boho. Bohemian Hollywood chic can not be imagined without beads, bracelets and rings made of metals, stones and even textiles. If we consider the main trends in the adornments of 2016, then this is massive, combined with naturalness and brightness. Such an unusual combination does not conflict with fashion, making the image original and very interesting. Designers offer to focus on the hands, so bracelets are welcome in any combination. Do not contradict the fashion trends of a combination of short massive chains, necklaces, made of a variety of materials, easily fit into the individual set.

To create evening images, designers suggest using the actual ornaments of 2016 with a touch of vintage . In the trend jewelry in the style of the 30's and 60's, which is characterized by an abundance of brilliance and massiveness. And do not necessarily purchase expensive gems. Modern jewelry made of artificial materials look no worse.

Another trend in 2016 - jewelry with a touch of extravagance. Long and multi-tier ornaments are given a lot of attention. Such costume jewelry seems to flow through the female body, creating an atmosphere of mystery. The novelties of jewelry of 2016 are presented by bracelets-clips of various shapes, earrings in the form of pendants and rings, pendants, necklaces and rings. Such decorations perfectly complement the notorious little black dress, and a light cotton shirt.

Do you want to surprise? Get a necklace-collar, perfect complementary to a plain plain dress or blouse made of light material. A similar effect will help to achieve a horseshoe decoration or a collar, which is somewhat aggressive.

Elegant elegance

The best ornaments in Russia, presented within the framework of the spring-2016 season, are represented not only by massive bracelets, multi-tiered beads and large chains. Lovers of elegant jewelry can choose a thin chain with an elegant suspension pendant, made in the form of a lock, key, an unusual shape of a bead or spring. And the threads of thin chains, which are made of metals of different colors and intertwined in random order, will allow to emphasize femininity, drawing attention to the fragile neck of its possessor.

Rings and earrings

Without these ornaments, the fashion image can not be considered complete. In fashion, rectangular and round rings, which can now be worn, combining. As for the earrings, the best decision designers consider massive ornaments in the style of a boho . Incredibly spectacular is the combination in one decoration of openwork metallic weaving, multi-colored enamel with the application of floral and geometric prints.

Do not forget about brooches that can breathe new life into familiar clothes.