Gel for washing with your hands - how to prepare from soap and soda?

With all the variety of means of modern household chemical products of industrial production, many housewives prefer to prepare a gel for washing with their own hands. I must say, this is a very rational decision. Such a tool is very budgetary, it is extremely simple to make and as part of it there will be no extra components like perfumes, phosphates and surfactants. The product will be economical, environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic.

Prepare a gel for washing at home

Often in the recipes of the gel for washing with their own hands the role of the main component is played by economic, antibacterial or children's soap. Such harmless means, unlike aggressive surfactants, absolutely do not carry danger to a hand skin at manual washing. Absence of phosphates eliminates the risk of weakening immunity and problems with the human nervous system. The absence of artificial fragrances ensures that you do not experience allergies .

With all this, before you start making a gel for washing yourself, you need to familiarize yourself with the shortcomings of such a tool:

  1. Homemade remedy will dissolve poorly at a water temperature below + 40 ° C.
  2. If its composition includes calcined soda, this will lead to the tarnishing of bright colors on the fabric. You can use it instead of ordinary baking soda, but the effect will be much less.
  3. Frequent use of such a tool will lead to a rapid wear of things. It is better to add it in cases of severe contamination, without also abusing its quantity. On average, 2 kg of laundry requires just one tablespoon of gel.

Washing gel from laundry soap

The easiest way to make a gel for washing out of ordinary household soap:

  1. We need 100 g of soap, which you need to grate on the grater with medium holes.
  2. To him, you need to pour 1 liter of water and put the container on a minimum fire.
  3. With constant stirring, wait until the soap is completely dissolved, after which add 1 liter of water.
  4. To the resulting solution add 100 g of soda ash (not to be confused with food) and mix again.
  5. When all the ingredients are in place, you need to keep the product on fire for a few more minutes, waiting until the gel thickens.
  6. Then it must be cooled and drained in a convenient container. After cooling, the gel thickens even more.

Gel for washing from children's soap

For washing children's things and not only you can prepare a gel for washing with your own hands, the composition of which will be different from having a baby soap . The recipe and method of preparation in this case will be similar, and the different means will be only the main ingredient. The advantage of such a gel is in the absence of a sharp odor, which is often possessed by laundry soap.

How to make a gel for washing powder?

At once it is necessary to say that here is meant the powder of borax. It is a chemical substance, soluble in water and widely used in many areas, including in the textile industry. With its help, it is possible to fix dyes on fabrics more evenly and reliably, so that things etched with borax practically do not shed. This positive quality is also evident when it is used in household gels for washing.

So, how to prepare a gel for washing based on borax powder:

  1. Grate 300 gr of any soap - economic, antibacterial, child, tar, etc. on a grater.
  2. Pour half a liter of water to it and put it on a slow fire. Continuously stirring, wait until the mixture warms up and becomes homogeneous.
  3. After that, slowly add 300 grams of borax powder and baking soda to the container, without interrupting the composition.
  4. Introduce another 4.5 liters of water in a thin trickle and heat the mixture to a warm (not hot) state.
  5. The gel should be removed from the slab and allowed to stand for 24 hours.
  6. Dispense according to pre-prepared containers.

Gel for washing from soda ash

Understanding how to make a gel for washing, we saw that most recipes use soda ash. This ingredient, being stronger, in comparison with baking soda, alkali, copes with pollution much more effectively. It is added to enhance the effect of the detergent being prepared. In this case, it is undesirable to use a similar gel, prepared for washing with your own hands, for wool and silk.

Gel for washing - how to use?

For medium-soiled laundry, the self-washing gel for the machine must be poured in the amount of ¼ cup. If the clothes are heavily soiled, you can pour in 1/2 cup of the prepared product. Fill can be done both in the standard compartment for the powder, and immediately into the drum of the machine. If you want guaranteed to get clean, soft underwear without white stains, during washing, pour a little vinegar into the air conditioning section.