How should I express breast milk?

In the life of each nursing mother, there may be situations when it becomes necessary to express breastmilk. This is a complicated procedure, which it is desirable not to conduct without special need. And of course, you need to know how to do it right to avoid undesirable consequences and complications.

Expressing milk during breastfeeding

So, before we begin to understand how to express the breast milk correctly, let's find out in what situations it is generally necessary:

The last ban is due to the fact that sucking milk from the breast is a job that requires very much effort from the crumbs. And sometimes it can provoke complications.

Expressing milk after feeding

Until now, there is still an opinion that after each feeding the remains of milk should be expressed. But most pediatricians do not agree with this and more confidently declare that it should not be done.

The mother's body produces exactly as much milk as the baby needs. This is indeed so. But in order to stabilize lactation, time is needed. Usually this happens during the first month. And in this period, every woman should very well imagine what is happening. The fact is that immediately after the birth of the baby, milk comes very intensively. Often it is produced more than a baby can eat. And if you do not express it after each feeding, then:

  1. First, you can get serious problems with the breast (lactostasis, mastitis).
  2. Secondly, milk can burn out. And in a week, when the needs of the crumb will increase, it will be missed.

Thus, at the first time, the decantation of milk should be performed after feeding the baby.

The only condition is that you do not need to express your breasts to the end to avoid hyperlactation.

Technique of expressing breast milk

Expressing milk during breastfeeding can be done with the help of breast pump and hands.

How to breastfeed breastmilk?

Now the pharmacy sells a variety of models of breast pumps: electric, battery, piston, vacuum, etc. Each is accompanied by an instruction, which describes in detail the technique of expression.

Nevertheless, there are general rules for expressing breast milk with the help of a breast pump:

Expressing the breast pump is contraindicated for cracks in the nipples.

Correct expression of breast milk by hand

Before you start pumping, you need to do a small massage of the breast and nipples. This stimulates the release of oxytocin, a hormone that expands the ducts and facilitates the flow of milk.

Expressing should be done gently, without effort. The thumb and index finger are located on the halo above and below, respectively. Milk is expressed in advance. The remaining fingers grasp the chest from below and squeeze milk from the lobes into the milk ducts.

Particular attention is required and the storage of breast milk after pumping. It should be stored in a closed container, at room temperature about 6-8 hours, and in the refrigerator up to 2 days.