How to determine the size of shoes for a child?

We buy children's shoes very often, perhaps even more often than clothes, because the leg grows very quickly, and the squeezing of the foot prevents the child from walking. And besides, by a certain season, you need your own, suitable pair of shoes, and even better not one, that was what to wear to change.

For winter and summer shoes, the criteria for determining the size of shoes for children have their own nuances. After all, in the cold period, in order for the leg to be warm for a walk in the boot, there must be a layer of air, which will only be due to the free size. If the winter boots sit tightly on the leg, the baby will certainly freeze.

In the summer on the contrary - too loose shoes and sandals hanging on the leg, interfere with normal movement, and the kid often stumbles and falls. So unnecessarily loose shoes can be even unsafe. In addition, from the point of view of orthopedics, the size of the shoe must match the age of the child. In no case should not take it to grow, as we often practice it with blouses and panties.

What can be simpler than choosing the size of shoes for a child - after all, we ourselves choose it without problems. To do this, just go with the baby in a children's shoe store and try on the models you like.

But experienced moms know what a dirty trick can be in this - a child in the store can throw a fit and flatly refuse to try on, it can happen to a toddler of any age. How can it be then, is it possible to buy shoes "by eye"?

Of course, no, just before going to the store you need to accurately measure the baby's leg to compare it with the insole in the shoes, this will greatly simplify the choice of the necessary pair.

How to know the size of a child's shoes?

Before you determine what size shoes your child wears, it is necessary to arm with a centimeter tape and a good mood of the baby, because if he does not want to be measured at the moment, the result may be inaccurate, and accordingly, an unnecessary pair of shoes will be bought.

It is also important time of day. When it is measured, everyone knows that after a day full of motion, any person swells a little, and therefore, the size also increases. That is, measure the leg should be closer to the evening.

Measure the foot should only be when the child is standing, because the weight will not be accurate. Also need to measure the completeness - some manufacturers of footwear provide such data. The toes of the toddlers are rather plump and even the length required for the length may not fit the volume.

On a dense sheet of paper, or cardboard, you need a pencil or felt-tip pen to quickly traverse the child's feet, holding the pencil clearly vertically, without tilting it to one side. Make it necessary for both legs. After all, we all have some difference between the right and left halves of the body, this also applies to the size of the legs.

Now with a centimeter tape, ruler or any measuring tool available at hand, measure the distance between the farthest protruding points - this will be the convex part of the heel and the tip of the thumb.

The resulting figures are written down, and now the most important thing is to be done, because these are not the data that are needed to buy comfortable shoes. To the resulting length of the foot should now be added from 0.5 to 1.5 centimeters.

Why is this necessary and why is such a gap between the values ​​of the numbers? And the fact is that, as already mentioned above, summer shoes require only a small margin, this will be a half-centimeter, so to say, on the outgrowth.

For winter shoes, the maximum gap between the foot and the boot should not be more than one and a half centimeters, but you can leave one. Also, if you measure the foot for winter and autumn shoes, do not forget about the socks - thin or terry. It should be dressed before the measurement, as close to the size of the leg as possible to the season, when the shoes will be worn.

Now, having the right figure, you can correlate it with a grid of shoes sizes for children, in order to understand what size the baby is suitable for, and with this data you can safely go for a purchase.