Funny laws of different countries

Legislators of different countries do not cease to amaze ordinary citizens. Since many countries have a legal system of case law, it is not surprising that absolutely unusual laws are adopted on its basis. In this article we will consider the most ridiculous and unusual laws that are in force in different countries of the world. They concern practically all spheres of life: family relations, public order, traffic rules, etc.

25 Funny Laws in Different Countries

  1. In Denmark, an interesting law protecting the rights of non-smoking students is the official permission to sleep during lectures.
  2. In a country like Argentina, non-smokers are granted social benefits: in particular, they can visit the beauty salon once a week free of charge.
  3. In Italy, more support girls who abstain from alcohol: they even give an extra day off!
  4. Czech law gives local law enforcement officers an interesting right: they can help a girl crying on the street, namely - hug and kiss her.
  5. In Australia, the law, strangely enough, prohibits people from biting mosquitoes, and in Indonesia, women can not bite off their heads to men!
  6. Another ridiculous Indonesian law is the ban on dying on Thursday.
  7. Mexican employees are forbidden to die at work, if the enterprise at this time checks the tax service.
  8. In the European principality of Andorra, a woman is only allowed to beat a pillow.
  9. But in such a seemingly civilized place like London, a woman is forbidden to be beaten ... but only after 21:00, so that the cries of the beaten do not interfere with decent citizens.
  10. More gentle with respect to the weaker sex are the laws of Denmark: here a young man who first saw his girlfriend without make-up is obliged to give her a bouquet of 51 roses.
  11. Also, women of this state have the right not to go to work, having on their phone a negative balance.
  12. Amazing funny laws of different countries concerning criminal law. For example, in Andorra for some reason you can not kill more than two people per day.
  13. And Indonesian bank robbers are strictly forbidden to "work" in used stockings.
  14. It is noteworthy that the prisoners of Denmark have a legal right to escape from prison. If the escape was successful, such criminals are not punished!
  15. Oddly enough, the law prohibits the inhabitants of Singapore to go to their homes without clothes.
  16. In the Canadian province called Quebec, it is prohibited to sell margarine yellow.
  17. If you are engaged in animal husbandry in France, then keep in mind: the pig can not be called the name of Napoleon, otherwise you will be fined.
  18. And, probably, the most ridiculous laws among all countries of the world are published in the USA. Here, in the state of California, social benefits are provided by stray dogs: hungry policemen are forbidden to take their bones from them.
  19. And in the state of Arizona, it is forbidden to wear braces for trousers.
  20. If a man or woman older than 18 years does not have at least one front tooth, then in the city of Tombsoon in the same state of Arizona, they are forbidden to smile.
  21. In the state of New York, it is strictly forbidden to talk in a moving elevator, even if you are familiar with your fellow travelers.
  22. Living in the city of Denver, never let neighbors use their vacuum cleaner, otherwise you will be punished with all the severity of the laws of the state of Colorado.
  23. Laws relating to animals are no less interesting. Who would have thought that in Atlanta, giraffes can not be tied to street lamps and pillars!
  24. But in Alabama, elephants are forbidden to be placed in an electric oven.
  25. And the apotheosis of the ridiculous laws of America is a decree prohibiting dogs in Oklahoma to gather in groups of more than 3 individuals in the absence of a special permission of the mayor.