Sandra Bullock has matured again to get married!

Hollywood beauty Sandra Bullock, it seems, has already recovered from a painful parting with her ex-husband Jesse James. For a whole year she meets with photographer and model Brian Randall, and everything goes to the fact that soon for this beautiful couple the wedding bells will ring.

In any case, this is the environment of the actress. Sandra herself is in no hurry to make loud statements, or too much to clearly show affection for her beloved. She just enjoys quiet "family" joys together with Brian and her children.

The insider from Sandra's entourage met with the reporters of Channel E! and willingly shared interesting details of her life. It turns out that the 52-year-old actress and her beloved are literally in the 7th heaven with happiness:

"School holidays will soon be over, and the children will need to study. Sandra and Brian catch the last carefree summer days. Since the beginning of the school year they will have to settle in Los Angeles. "

Closer than ever

As if in support of these words, the paparazzi were able to photograph a couple with children in the Universal Studios amusement park in Hollywood. Sandra and her 50-year-old lover spent time together with her children: Layla and James.

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The same source, who wished to remain anonymous, told the following:

"This pair is a real team! They get on well with each other, despite the relatively short period of dating. Those who have long known Sandra, immediately see how happy she was thanks to Brian. And that is not all! Recently, she said that she would gladly be married again. "