How to choose a pencil for the eyebrow?

In the cosmetic bag of every modern woman next to the tonal remedy and lip gloss, there is always a pencil for the eyebrows, which is an important component of harmonious make-up. To the features of your face do not look too harsh or even vulgar, it is very important to choose the right pencil color. There are a few simple rules that you need to remember when going out for a purchase.

How to choose the color of eyebrow pencil?

First you should determine your color , taking into account the color of hair, skin and eyes. Blonde girls should choose a pencil for the eyebrows to tone darker than the color of the hair, and girls with dark hair need to pay attention to the pencil, which will be a shade lighter than the original color of the head of hear.

How to choose the right eyebrow pencil for fairy-tale girls?

Light brown hair has many shades, from cold ashy to warm wheat. This should be taken into account when choosing the color of the eyebrow pencil. In addition, eye color and skin tone are important. We offer several options:

  1. If your hair is fair and your eyes are brown, choose a pencil with a brown tint.
  2. Women with a golden-blond hair color and green eyes will approach a pencil of light brown or beige.
  3. If you have a dark-haired skin and dark skin, buy a pencil of chocolate or copper shade.
  4. Owners of ash-brown hair with blue or gray eyes should pay attention to a light gray pencil.
  5. Strongly do not advise the handsome beauty beauties to paint eyebrows in black or dark brown pencil. Eyebrows of this color will give your look excessive rigor, and the image - absurdity.

How to choose a pencil for the eyebrow brunette?

Nature generously endowed dark-haired beautiful women with thick, bright eyebrows. The eyebrow pencil is used only for minor correction. Yes, and the color of the most cosmetic means to choose is not difficult. Here are a few options:

  1. Brunettes with dark chestnut hair and dark brown eyes, the ideal choice will be a pencil of chocolate shade.
  2. If you are a lucky possessor of black curls, fair skin and gray eyes - try a graphite pencil.
  3. Some stylists allow the use of a black pencil if the hair is blue and the skin is dark. However, most of them do not recommend choosing a black pencil for daily eyebrow make-up.
  4. And one more important detail of a choice: different shades of a color palette of pencils are well distinguishable only at a daylight.

Which firm should you choose when choosing a pencil for your eyebrows?

The modern cosmetic industry offers a huge number of eyebrow pencils, presented in different colors and different price categories:

  1. Christian Dior offers a pencil pencil for an ideal natural make-up.
  2. Pencils of the company Lancome universal shades are still in trend.
  3. Cosmetics from the world brand Chanel have a powdery basis and base colors for perfect make-up.
  4. Pencils from the Russian manufacturer Art-Visage are not inferior in quality to expensive branded analogues and have a wide color palette.
  5. El Waterproof pencil from El Corazon is ideal for persistent make-up of eyebrows.
  6. Another leader in the production of cosmetic products Pupa offers an extra-strong eyebrow pencil, which is easily removed at the end of the day with ordinary foam or cosmetic milk.
  7. Mechanical pencil from Avon with a retractable rod, which does not require sharpening and has a huge palette of colors and shades.

Each of the representatives of this cosmetic product has its advantages and disadvantages. Experiment with different shades or mix them together, and you will definitely get the desired result.