Oil for strengthening of nails

Roughness, yellowness and delamination of nails - with these and many other problems every woman can face. This is due to the fact that varnishes, detergents and acetone have a negative effect on the nail plate. Restoring the normal color and structure will help essential oils.

What kind of oils are good for nails?

Essential oil should be chosen depending on the main purpose of its use. To restore the structure suitable plant extract of geranium, mandarin or grapefruit. Do you have very brittle nails and you do not know which oil is suitable for strengthening the nails? Be sure to use extracts of lemon, avocado and apricot . Owners of weak and yellowed nails is better to use in any recipes citrus oil.

Did you build up for a long time? What kind of oil to brush your nails for strengthening after such a procedure? In this case, you need to use oils of lemon , ordinary chamomile, eucalyptus and apricot.

Recipes for strengthening nails

Oil for strengthening of nails can be added to medical warm baths.

Bath with nail oil


Preparation and use

Dissolve the oil in warm water. Immerse your fingers in the water for 5-7 minutes. Blot hands with a towel and apply cream.

To strengthen the nails essential oil can be added to the hand cream. Using this remedy daily before going to bed, you will forget about fragility and delamination for a long time. Therapeutic cream can be made by yourself.

Hand cream with oil


Preparation and use

Fill the dry chamomile with boiling water. When the mixture has cooled, strain it. Mix 30 ml of broth with cream and olive oil. Put the container on a small fire and stir constantly. After 5-7 minutes, remove the container from the fire, cool and add essential oil. You can use this tool as a regular cream.