Anti-cellulite wrap - the best ways and recipes

In the fight against lipodystrophy or "orange crust", women use all available means. Anti-cellulite "swaddling" is one of the most popular procedures, both at home and in beauty salons. Experts argue that its effectiveness in lipodystrophy is overrated, this manipulation is useful only for the skin.

Does the wrapping help against cellulite?

The described cosmetic defect is a normal state of the female body, caused by the hormonal background and the structure of adipose tissue, so the "orange crust" is not a pathology or even a defect. You can smooth the skin and remove the present bumps, but to achieve such goals, a set of procedures is needed. Without weight stabilization, special massage and physical exertion, wrapping from cellulite will not help.

The essence of the procedure is to create a short-term effect of the sauna. On the skin is applied a warming or nourishing anti-cellulite remedy and wrapped in a film (food or cosmetic). As a result, heat exchange is disturbed for a certain period of time, because of which the sweat glands in the treated areas begin to work more intensively.

Any anti-cellulite wrapping provokes an activation of excretion of fluid from soft tissues. This well removes puffiness, but does not split the fat deposits that are located in the dermal layer. The instant decrease in volumes after manipulation is due only to the evaporation of moisture. After a few hours the water balance will be restored, and the lost 1-2 cm will return.

Anti-cellulite "swaddling" is useful due to the following effects:

Wraps from cellulite - contraindications

The presented procedure produces a mild effect, especially if its cold variant is performed, but sometimes it is necessary to refuse even sparing cosmetic manipulations. You can not do a wrap against cellulite in such cases:

Anti-cellulite body wrap

Professional sessions help to achieve the fastest results, because qualified specialists use high-quality cosmetics on the basis of unique ingredients. Effective wraps from cellulite are classified into 2 large groups according to the nature of the action:

  1. Cold. Problem areas are lubricated with therapeutic mixtures of room temperature (up to 22 degrees). Such manipulations are an excellent alternative for women with heart and vascular diseases. Cold anti-cellulite "swaddling" is resolved with thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, hypertension and other pathologies.
  2. Hot. The skin is applied with a temperature of 45-50 degrees. Anti-cellulite wrapping produces a pronounced warming effect and stimulates blood circulation. Manipulations activate the functions of sweat glands, intensify the release of fluid from soft tissues and fight stagnant phenomena.

Cold wrap from cellulite

The salons offer different types of mixtures based on natural ingredients - algae, bitter orange blossoms, echinacea, clay and other ingredients. The best wraps from cold cellulite are produced by the following brands:

Hot wrap from cellulite

To accelerate blood circulation and lymph drainage, cosmetics are used on the basis of cocoa, Asian centella, ginseng, Dead Sea salts and other natural ingredients. The most effective wraps from cellulite with a warming action:

Body wrapping at home

Manipulation does not require special skills and special skills, professional mixtures can be successfully replaced by self-made means. Due to simplicity and accessibility, many women regularly make wraps against cellulite at home. The therapy is much cheaper than visiting a SPA salon, and the effect is similar. If you do not want to waste time and effort on preparing natural preparations, it's easier to buy an anti-cellulite cream for wrapping:

How to make wraps from cellulite?

The technique of performing the procedure is so elementary that any newcomer will cope with it even for the first time. Anti-cellulite wrapping involves the presence of the following devices and cosmetics:

Anti-cellulite wrap the house in stages:

  1. Carefully wash the problem areas in a hot shower and treat them with a scrub , do a massage. This provides a deep cleansing of the pores to improve the penetration of the active ingredients, further increases blood circulation and lymph flow.
  2. On the prepared skin evenly and abundantly apply anti-cellulite means for wrapping.
  3. Wrap the areas with lipodystrophy film, moving from the bottom up. "Swaddling" needs to be tight, but not too tight.
  4. Relax for 15-40 minutes (depending on the type of manipulation and sensations) under the blanket.
  5. Remove the film and wash off the anti-cellulite substance. Lubricate problem areas with body cream.

How often can I do wraps from cellulite?

In pursuit of ideal forms, some women abuse the described procedure, which can lead to dehydration of the skin. The optimal option, how often do wraps from cellulite - 2-3 times a week at most. Cosmetologists recommend taking courses lasting 1 month, after which you should rest for 28-30 days, and repeat the treatment (if necessary).

Anti-cellulite wrap at home - recipes

If the choice was stopped on self-made means to get rid of the "orange crust", it is desirable to stock up in advance with high-quality and natural raw materials. Do not have to spend a lot of money to do wraps from cellulite at home - recipes are based on affordable and inexpensive products:

Honey wrap from cellulite

The simplest, but very useful and effective version of the procedure. One-component honey wrapping from cellulite at home is the application of a beekeeping product under the film in its pure form. The duration of the session is 25-30 minutes, during this time the skin is tightened and smoothed, is saturated with nutrients, in the soft tissues the metabolism is normalized.

The proposed cold wraps from cellulite in the home can be varied with additives:

Clay wrap from cellulite

This type of therapy is very popular, because manipulation almost immediately improves the skin condition, increases its tone and elasticity. Any clay for wrapping from cellulite will do, but the fastest and most pronounced positive effect is achieved when using blue. This natural product is rich in mineral salts and rare trace elements, which help normalize metabolic processes.

Wrapping with blue clay from cellulite is easy to prepare - you need to mix the powder with water in equal proportions, achieving a uniform consistency with the density of sour cream. Strengthen the action of the drug can be by adding essential oils (1-2 drops per 100 g) to it:

Coffee wrap from cellulite

For the therapy it is important to use only natural drink (ground grain). This anti-cellulite wrap can be made simple by mixing coffee with hot water to the state of thick mush. The active ingredients of the raw materials contribute to the intensification of blood circulation, the acceleration of metabolism and the removal of puffiness. Caffeine is not only an anti-cellulite remedy, it also stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, tightens the skin, increases its density and increases elasticity. There is also a multi-component, more effective, recipe.

Aromatic wrapping from cellulite at home


Preparation :

  1. Pour the coffee with boiling water and leave for 10 minutes.
  2. Mix the warm gruel with vegetable and essential oil.
  3. Allow mixture to cool slightly, use as directed.

Mustard wrap from cellulite

A burning version of manipulation, permissible only in the absence of contraindications, is suitable for those who do not have sensitive skin. Mustard anti-cellulite wrap at home refers to the hot type of procedures, it significantly activates the lymph and blood flow, speeds up the processes of metabolism and elimination of excess fluid from soft tissues.

The recipe for the mixture


Preparation :

  1. Warm up the oil in a water bath.
  2. Mix the vegetable fat with mustard powder to get a thick slurry, similar to sour cream.
  3. Apply when the temperature of the medium is about 45 degrees.

Vinegar wrap from cellulite

The described product is more often used in the fight against stretch marks, since it has peeling properties. Effective cellulite wraps at home on the basis of vinegar suggest its mixing with other active ingredients, which enhance the local irritant effect and help remove excess fluid from the skin. It is desirable to find a natural product made of apples, concentration of 7-9%.

Anti-cellulite vinegar wrapping


Preparation, use :

  1. Dissolve salt in water.
  2. Add apple cider vinegar and shake well.
  3. Soak bandages with the solution and zapelenat them problem areas.
  4. Top wrap tape.

Algal wrap from cellulite

The said raw material for performing the manipulation is considered to be the most useful for treating the skin. This anti-cellulite wrap with a powerful effect enriches epidermal cells with rare minerals and vitamins, unique salts and amino acids. The basis for the mixture can be purchased at the pharmacy. Micronized algae and dried laminaria are preferred.

Recipe for wrapping


Preparation :

  1. Rinse the raw materials and crumble a little.
  2. Pour the algae with water and cover the container.
  3. Insist a mixture of 20-30 minutes to make the cabbage swell.
  4. Use in a pure form under the film.

Strengthen the effect of algal wrapping can be, if you add to it anti-cellulite essential oil (1-2 drops):