Exercise "Goldfish"

Every year the number of people who suffer from problems with the spine is increasing. The whole fault is a sedentary lifestyle, a long stay in the wrong posture, walking and sitting with an uneven back, etc. As a result, sooner or later, painful sensations arise, and you can cope with them with the help of the Golden Fish exercise. It is important to properly implement it, taking into account the subtleties of technology, so as not to aggravate the situation and not to damage the spine even more.

Benefits of the exercise "Goldfish" for the spine

If you do this exercise twice a day, you can count on this benefit:

  1. Straightens the spine, which relieves pain, and also improves blood flow to the vertebrae.
  2. Improves the work of the nervous system and the brain, which helps relieve stress and stress.
  3. There is strengthening of immunity , which reduces the risk of infection with viruses.
  4. Normal work of the intestines, which helps to cope with constipation and other problems.

How to do the exercise "Goldfish"?

The technique of doing this exercise can be divided into two stages: preparatory and basic. First, a warm-up is done to prepare muscles and ligaments. Sit on your back on a hard and level surface, that is, it is clear that the sofa and bed do not fit. You can get your hands behind your head and legs, try to pull them forward as much as possible. Keep your feet together, with your heels placing emphasis on the floor, and pull the socks on yourself. All parts of the body must be firmly pressed to the floor. On seven accounts, start dragging from side to side, stretching the vertebrae. The heel of one leg is directed forward, while the two hands are moved in the opposite direction. Repeat the same in the other direction. Do 5-7 reps. After this, you can go to the main stage of the exercise for the back "Goldfish."

The starting position does not change, that is, hold the hands on the back of the head, and press the body to the floor. Perform fast oscillatory movements to the left / right, as if a fish. As a result, you will get a certain vibration. It is important that the movement is to the sides, not up / down. For convenience, you can lift the back of the head and feet slightly above the floor.

At the first attempts to perform the "Fish" exercise for the back, follow with an assistant, so that he holds his ankles, shaking them in the sides. Perform the exercise should be about 3 minutes. Gradually you can increase the time.