Chest simulator - the most effective options

Physical stress can not increase the volume of the breast, but they make it more taut, improving the appearance. In this case, a breast simulator that is available for home use will help. There are several devices with their features.

What simulators to pump the pectoral muscles?

To get a beautiful and relief body in training, it is important to work out all the muscle groups. A simulator for pectoral muscles can be found in the hall, but there are devices that can be purchased for home exercises. To perform basic exercises, it is customary to use a bar, dumbbells and a bar, performing press and pull-ups. Careful study involves the use of isolation exercises that can be performed on special simulators, for example, "Butterfly" or "Hammer".

To get good results, you need to use a breast simulator according to the rules:

  1. First, study the design of the device and all the features of working with it, because only the right technique will help to achieve results.
  2. It is necessary to engage regularly and best to load muscles three times a week.
  3. Do exercises in several approaches, for example, 3x15.

Breast simulator "Easy curves"

For the home, you can choose an easy-to-use exercise machine that will load the muscles of the chest and arms. It creates a telescopic load, and the design has pistons. The device for breast augmentation is based on the dilution and reduction of the hands. During training, the device is held with both hands at the chest level. The simulator has a load regulator. The manufacturer offers several programs for effective work.

"Torneo" breast simulator

This device can be called an expander, which consists of two handles in the form of wings that have one starting point. The presented chest simulator can be used to work out other parts of the body. Due to the compactness of the device, you can conduct training anywhere. To work out the pectoral muscles, it is necessary to hold the simulator at the chest level, placing it between the forearms. The palms should be on the head of the device, and the elbows should be lowered down. To work out the muscles, connect and raise the elbows, holding the brush in a stationary state.

"Butterfly" simulator for pectoral muscles

Exercise performed on this simulator is not basic and it can be used for additional load of pectoral muscles. The design has two levers with vertical handles, which must be reduced. The hand and chest simulator is used according to a number of features:

  1. Set up the simulator for yourself, for which you sit on a bench and put your hands on the handles. It is important that the shoulders were in parallel with the floor, and the forearms were perpendicular.
  2. Press the back of the back and the back of the head to the back. Put your elbows in special pillows. To maintain stability, put your feet wider.
  3. The simulator for the muscles of the chest is based on the reduction of the hands, so take a breath, connect the hands, at the end point, take a short pause and return your hands to the IP. Carry out movements smoothly and slowly.

Hummer simulator for pectoral muscles

In the halls there is a special simulator designed for the development of pectoral muscles, and it uses a lever on one side of which the load is fixed. The advantages of "Hammer" include the fact that it limits the work of the muscles of stabilizers and the load goes only to the right muscles. Exercises on the chest on the Hammer simulator can be used as secondary, that is, insulating. Important details of the technique:

  1. The chest strap in the simulator is carried out by tightly pressing the lower back to the back of the seat.
  2. On exhalation, move your elbows towards each other, contracting the pectoral muscles.
  3. At the top point, you do not need to fully straighten your elbows, so that the load does not go to the triceps.