Complex exercises for the legs

Find a representative of the beautiful half of humanity, which would not want to have slender and beautiful legs, probably impossible. To achieve good results, you must regularly perform a set of leg exercises. If there is no time to practice in the gym, practice at home.

The best leg exercises

Training should be done 2-3 times a week, starting from half an hour and bringing the duration of the session to one hour. To achieve success, the exercises should be repeated in several approaches, doing 12-15 times. Begin, as usual with a warm-up, to warm up the muscles.

The most effective leg exercises:

  1. Squats with a jump . Of course, classic sit-ups are effective, but we suggest considering a more complicated version. IP - stand up straight, holding your hands down. By the way, you can take dumbbells . The task - crouch before the knee does not form a right angle, while the hands are pulled back to make a swing. Then make a sharp jumping, lifting your hands up. Immediately after this, do another squat , landing on straight legs.
  2. Lateral attacks . A great exercise for the legs for girls, which allows you to get a good load. IP - stand up straight and stretch your arms in front of you Task - With your left foot take a big step to the side, crouching before the thigh does not reach the parallel with the floor. After this, getting up, make a left foot step to the right side. In general, during the exercise the right leg is practically motionless. Only then return to the IP and repeat the same in the other direction.
  3. Makhi . IP - stand on all fours, putting your hands at shoulder level. Lift the right leg upward, bent at the knee until the angle is 90 degrees. It is important that the heel is pointing upwards, and the left foot leans on the toe. Raise your right foot 15-20 times, then hold it at the top point for 5-10 seconds. and then lower it.