Detox diet for 10 days

A detox diet for 10 days is an excellent technique to cleanse the body and get rid of extra pounds. There are several basic rules that will help achieve good results. Presented examples of the menu, will help everyone to develop a suitable diet for themselves.

Detox diet rules for 10 days

  1. To improve the results of the diet, it is recommended to increase the motor activity, and also take a course of massage.
  2. Do not abuse the detox technique.
  3. Every day it is important to drink 1.5 liters of liquid, this includes not only water, but also herbal tea.
  4. Cooking products are best for a couple or boil, fry is prohibited.
  5. It is recommended to prepare for a diet and start better in a month. It is necessary to exclude from the diet harmful products.

For 10 days it is allowed to eat lean varieties of fish and meat, seafood , cheese, eggs, but not more than 200 g. Fruits and vegetables are best eaten raw, adding vegetable oils. In addition, they can be boiled or baked.

Menu of detox diet for 10 days

To lose weight not at the expense of health, it is important to adhere to a balanced diet. Every day, start a diet with 200 g of lemon drink (1-2 citrus per liter of water). Before going to bed, you need to drink a broth of prunes. Consider several examples of the detox diet menu to develop a diet for 10 days.

Option number 1:

Option number 2:

Approximate menu of detox diet for 10 days